Ranking the Best Diet Pills for Women

Diet pills for women are supplements that are specifically designed to help women lose weight. There are some differences between men and women that make them lose weight differently, especially if the women have had children. Diet pills for women take this into account.

We reviewed many different diet pills for women. You’ll find our favorites below.


1. LeanBean


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LeanBean is explicitly designed to control your appetite while also accelerating your metabolism. This results in a high amount of fat loss. It is designed specifically for women and is most popular with those that are already quite fit.

This pill is free of additives and vegan. For these reasons, it is FitBug’s #1 diet pill for women.

2. PhenQ


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This supplement isn’t explicitly designed for women, but it is still an excellent choice for anyone trying to lose weight. PhenQ helps you lose weight while also burning stored fat, blocking fat production, and improving your mood.

Furthermore, this supplement also contains caffeine, making it a great addition to your morning routine.

3. Alli Weight Loss Diet Pills

Alli Weight Loss Diet Pills

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Similarly to PhenQ, Alli isn’t specifically for women but does seem to work quite well for women. It is FDA-approved and helps block around 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed. Because of this, it can effectively help you lose weight.

It works best when combined with diet and exercise.

4. Nobi Nutrition Premium Fat Burner for Women

Nobi Nutrition Premium Fat Burner for Women

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This supplement helps women increase their metabolism and burn fat as fuel. The BHB formula acts as an appetite suppressant and encourages your body to use fat as fuel, which is helpful if you’re eating a low-carb diet.

This pill is extra-strength and has excellent reviews.

5. VitaRaw Weight Loss Pills for Women

VitaRaw Weight Loss Pills for Women

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This pill by VitaRaw includes tons of different ingredients that are all designed to help women lose weight. You’ll find things like kidney beans, green tea extract, raspberry ketones, and much more on the ingredient list.

All pills are made in USA facilities and non-GMO ingredients, so you can ensure that they are safe.

6. Dr. Emil PM Fat Burner

Dr. Emil PM Fat Burner

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This supplement is specifically designed to be taken at bedtime. It does not contain any stimulants and includes ingredients that encourage restful sleep. It also functions as an appetite suppressant to control late-night cravings.

Because it contains no stimulants, it also does not cause jitters, nausea, or insomnia.

7. Addnatural Women’s Fat Burner

Addnatural Women’s Fat Burner

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Specially formulated for women, this supplement includes ingredients like apple cider vinegar, raspberry ketones, green tea, and grape seed extract.

It is made in FDA- and GMP-certified facilities to ensure its safety and effectiveness. The company uses only the best quality ingredients for maximum fat-burning potential.

8. Skinny Gal Weight Loss for Women

Skinny Gal Weight Loss for Women

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This supplement was not our favorite, but it is still better than most of the competition. It contains the usual ingredients, including raspberry ketones and African mango. It is keto-friendly so that it might be a good option for those on an extremely low-carb diet.

The company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows you to return the supplement within 60 days for a complete refund.

9. Weight Loss Drops

Weight Loss Drops

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These aren’t technically a pill, but their effectiveness makes them an excellent option for anyone trying to lose weight. They contain mostly L-Carnitine and L-Arginine, which reduces appetite and increases fat burning prowess.

They also come with a warranty and are made to FDA and GMP standards.

10. Nobi Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner

Nobi Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner

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This supplement is excellent – if green tea extract works effectively for you. Everyone is different, which means these one-ingredient-only supplements don’t always work for everyone.

Green tea extract can help reduce abdominal bloating, support digestion, and works as an appetite suppressant. Some also claim it can increase cognition and memory.

How We Ranked

When we ranked each supplement, our foremost concern was safety. Diet pills are not strictly regulated, which means that they can contain pretty much anything. There is also nothing a company needs to check off to call their pills “diet pills,” which means some pills might be nothing more than placebos laced with chemicals. This is especially true when purchasing pills online since you don’t always know what country they’re coming from.

Because of this, we sought only to choose pills that followed strict safety regulations. The easiest way to do this was to select pills made in the USA, UK, or Australia. These countries have strict safety guidelines that all supplements made in their country have to follow.

We also aimed to choose supplements made in FDA- or GMP-certified labs. These labs also have to uphold strict safety guidelines.

Finally, we also looked at the safety of all the listed ingredients. Some ingredients are dangerous in scientific studies, which we will explore in detail later. We also choose supplements with GMO ingredients where possible, as these often contain fewer chemicals.

Secondly, we looked at the effectiveness of each supplement. Everyone is different and is going to react to diet pills differently. However, we chose pills that worked for the vast majority of users. That doesn’t necessarily mean the pill will work for you, but it does raise the chance.

To rate the effectiveness of each product, we looked at the customer reviews and the ingredient list. Some ingredients are shown to work better than others in scientific studies, so we rated supplements with those ingredients high.

Finally, we considered the price of each supplement. Diet pills can cost anywhere from $10 to $50. Those made in the USA and similar countries are typically more expensive than others due to the safety requirements involved. Those with higher-quality ingredients are also more likely to cost more.


Diet pills for women are simple and easy. The most significant benefit of diet pills is that they are incredibly easy to use. They don’t require you to change your lifestyle or spend hours prepping food or exercising. They don’t require much mental effort either since all you have to do is take a few pills every morning. Plus, with an in-depth review article like this one, you don’t have to spend much time choosing the perfect diet pill either.

They also don’t cost very much money when compared to other weight loss aids. Personal trainers and diet plans can be expensive, but diet pills will typically cost you far under $100 each month.

These two factors combined make diet pills extremely easy, which is why many people decide to take them.

Furthermore, diet pills are accessible no matter your BMI or current weight. Some obese women might find it difficult to exercise or even change their diet significantly because of their weight. However, diet pills can be used easily, no matter how much body fat you currently have. This is shown in some studies that looked at the usage of diet pills and found their the higher a woman’s BMI, the more likely they were to use diet pills (7).

Diet pills for women often include scientifically-proven ingredients. Many diet pills include ingredients that have been shown to increase weight loss. The most common of these ingredients are green tea extract, which has been shown to create thermogenesis-induced weight loss (1). This means that your metabolism speeds up, which causes you to burn more energy without actually doing more (2).

Both L-carnitine and raspberry ketones have also been shown to help obese women lose weight. One study done in Iraq followed sixty overweight women as they tried to lose weight. Participants either received an L-carnitine supplement, raspberry ketone supplement, or nothing. In the end, both L-carnitine and raspberry ketones helped the participants improve their biochemical obesity parameters. This just means that it helped them lower things like cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, and fasting blood glucose levels – all of which are symptoms of obesity (3).

A study has also shown that apple cider vinegar can be helpful for weight loss (4). In that particular, randomized study, women who took apple cider vinegar and made dietary modifications saw a higher decrease in body weight and BMI when compared to those that just changed their diet. Those who took apple cider vinegar also saw a steeper decrease in hip circumference and appetite.

Choline supplementation has also been shown to result in rapid weight loss, without any effect on biochemistry markers or strength (5). This method is used by many athletes, especially those who are categorized by weight when they compete. Choline is considered an essential nutrient and helps with metabolism. It is also essential for pregnant women and is found in some prenatal vitamins.

However, many people are deficient in choline, which can lead to health complications (6). Because of this, you may benefit from a Choline supplement to help kick your metabolism into gear.

As you can see, many of the common ingredients of diet pills have been shown to work in a lab setting. This is not a complete discussion of all the beneficial supplements out there, but a complete discussion would require its own article.

Diet pills for women can be helpful in the short term. One study found that many women who tried to lose weight did lose weight on at least the short-term, including those using diet pills (8). It is essential to point out that this study was only taking prescription diet pills into account, not the ones we mentioned in this article. However, many high-quality OTC diet pills work in a very similar way to prescription diet pills, so we can safely carry the assumption over.

This study shows that diet pills do work when they are high-quality and contain active ingredients. However, this study also found that many women gained their weight back no matter how they lost weight in the first place. It is crucial to find a way to keep the weight off in the long-term, as “yoyo dieting” can be harmful.

With that said, studies have shown that more significant weight reduction at the beginning does lead to a more extended weight-loss period overall. Because diet pills can help you lose more weight up front, they may also be able to help you keep it off in this way as well (9).

Diet pills for women work well when combined with other weight-loss strategies. Another great benefit of diet pills is that they can be used efficiently and effectively with other weight-loss strategies. When you take diet pills, you’ll also be more likely to participate in other weight loss activities (10). This can help you lose even more weight than you would use either method by itself.

Scientists don’t exactly know why those who take diet pills are likely to start using other methods as well, but it is likely because they are already emotionally invested in weight loss. To lose more weight, they add in another activity, like exercise or diet modification. This combines with the diet pills to produce extraordinary results, which motivates you to stick with your plan.

Diet pills for women are considered safe in most situations. There are some instances where a diet pill might be dangerous. Studies have come out connecting certain ingredients to health problems. Luckily though, the FDA has banned these ingredients. So, if you purchase a pill made in the USA, you can safely expect that there is not going to be any of these dangerous ingredients in them. This is why it is vital to purchase pills made in FDA or GMP facilities.

With that said, even the safest ingredients can be unsafe when misused. As we will discuss in-depth, some people should not use diet pills, including those with eating disorders. For the vast majority of the population, though, diet pills are incredibly safe.

Side Effects

Diet pills for women have been linked to eating disorders. Studies have linked increased diet pill use to eating disorders. Those who have eating disorders or are prone to eating disorders are more likely to use diet pills (11).

With that said, it is not likely they diet pills make you develop an eating disorder. Instead, those already with eating disorders are more likely to turn to diet pills to keep their weight down to what they consider an “acceptable” level. If you currently have no issues with your eating patterns and genuinely need to lose weight for health reasons, then diet pills are perfectly acceptable for you to use.

However, if you are not overweight or have a history of eating disorders, you should speak to your doctor before using these pills.

Diet pills for women can be used inappropriately. Diet pills should only be used if you have a medical reason to lose weight or if you are currently overweight. Unlike a healthy diet and exercise routine, diet pills can encourage your weight to drop too low, which is why women of healthy weight should not lose them. Being underweight is associated with just as many health problems as being overweight; a healthy BMI should be your goal.

However, diet pills are widely used by women who are of a healthy weight. A study found that over a quarter of women currently using diet pills are a healthy BMI, and therefore should not be using the pills at all (12). This study discovered that even some underweight women were on diet pills. This is true even for prescription medications, which means that doctors must be over-prescribing them without taking a women’s BMI into account.

Diet pills for women can be used too much. You should only take as many diet pills as your doctor, or the pill’s manufacturers instruct you to. Many women might feel tempted to take an extra pill or two in an attempt to lose even more weight. However, the weight loss effects of many ingredients in diet pills do not stack. In other words, there is a dosage that provides maximum weight loss efficiency, but taking more than that doesn’t have any effect on your weight loss. Your body can only use so much collagen, for example. Taking more isn’t going to help you.

Furthermore, certain ingredients can have adverse health effects if taken too much. Apple cider vinegar can cause tooth decay, for example, even if you aren’t drinking it (13).

Diet pills for women can cause health problems. Some ingredients in diet pills have been linked to health problems. For example, one study found that diet pills with fenfluramine can cause valvular regurgitation, which is a heart disorder (14). Luckily, these substances are often banned in the USA, UK, Australia, and some European countries. However, when buying diet pills online, it is possible to receive pills from areas where these dangerous ingredients are not banned.

Because of this, it is essential to only purchase pills from FDA or GMP certified labs and trusted companies.

Recommended Dosage

You should always follow your doctor’s instructions or the directions on the back of the pill bottle when taking diet pills. While most diet pills do not contain any ingredients that will hurt you, some do have adverse health effects if you take too much of them. An excellent example of this is apple cider vinegar, which can cause tooth decay, acid reflux, and similar problems when it is overused (15).

Different pills contain different ingredients and have different potencies. Each pill is going to have its dosage instructions for this reason. Follow them carefully to ensure you have the lowest chance of experiencing side effects as possible.

We will go through some of the most common diet pill ingredients and their dosages. However, you should still follow your particular supplement’s dosage instructions.

Apple cider vinegar currently has no scientifically-backed dosage information. When applied to the skin, it is recommended that you dilute it with water at a 10:1 ratio. However, no information is currently available for internal use.

Garcinia Cambogia has been found to have some effects on the male reproductive system in rats. However, similar results were not found in humans up to 3,000 mg/day (16). No health effects were discovered in females.

The recommended dosage of choline is 425 mg/day for women, though you will need up to 550 mg/day if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. With that said, there is no reported toxicity until 7,500 mg/day, with severe side effects not setting in until 10,000 mg/day (17). Because the upper limit is so high, you’d have to try hard to take too much choline.

Green tea extract has no upper limit and is used at varying dosages depending on what you’re trying to treat. There is no scientific evidence on the dosage needed for weight loss.


Are there any diet pills that work? As we have discussed throughout this article, many ingredients have been shown to help with weight loss in scientific studies. Diet pills with these ingredients should help you lose weight, theoretically. All the diet pills mentioned in our ranking section include these scientifically-proven ingredients, including LeanBean and PhenQ. If you want a diet pill that works, it is your best bet to choose one of these.

Of course, diet pills work best when they are paired with dietary changes and exercise. When you make other lifestyle changes on top of taking a supplement, you may be able to double your weight loss. Diet pills work best when used in this manner, instead of by themselves.

What is the most effective weight loss pill over the counter? LeanBean is the best weight loss pill you can purchase as a woman. It includes many different scientifically-proven ingredients, including choline, which is an essential nutrient used by your metabolism. It is designed to lower your appetite and speed up your metabolism. This makes you consume fewer calories while also burning more calories.

LeanBean works best when used alongside diet and exercise. It is a nice boost to your weight loss and is reported by some customers to have doubled their weight loss.

What pills help you lose weight the fastest? For fast weight loss, your best bet is LeanBean. This supplement is packed full of scientifically-proven ingredients and can help you shed the pounds very quickly when used alongside diet and exercise. This supplement is specially designed for women and does not contain any harmful stimulants.

It includes things like green coffee extract, which is high in antioxidants and chlorogenic acid. It also contains plenty of Konjac Fibre, which helps you stay full for longer thanks to its expansive properties. All ingredients are linked to scientific studies on their website, so you can head there for a complete overview of why their supplement works.

What is the best diet pill of 2020? LeanBean is our pick for the best diet pill of 2020. It contains lots of scientifically-proven ingredients and is free of the fillers and harmful stimulants that usually plague diet pills. We loved how their whole website is packed full of scientific studies that explain why their supplement works.

They designed their supplement to reduce your appetite and increase your metabolism, attacking your weight from two different directions.

Does apple cider vinegar in diet pills help lose weight? Yes. Studies have shown the apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight. When combined with diet, it has been shown to decrease things like your BMI and hip circumference.

However, apple cider vinegar is also one of the more dangerous ingredients you can take to lose weight. While nearly all common diet pill ingredients are very safe, apple cider vinegar does come with a list of side effects and can be overused easily. It is an acid and can cause problems like tooth decay, heartburn, and even more severe side effects like esophagus decay.

For this reason, we recommend most women choose a diet pill with different ingredients. This is one reason why we rate LeanBean as the best diet pill out there. It helps you lose weight using scientific ingredients without resorting to potentially dangerous apple cider vinegar.

What is the best fat burner? There is scientific evidence to support many different diet ingredients. Apple cider vinegar can help you lose weight but does come with some potentially dangerous side effects. Green tea extract has some level of proof as well. However, the two most powerful fat burners are Choline and Glucomannan.

Choline is an essential nutrient that is necessary for many steps of your metabolism. Choline is available in some foods, like eggs. However, many people are deficient in it. When there isn’t enough choline available, your metabolism will slow down because it doesn’t have all the nutrients it needs to work. To get your metabolism back up to speed, a Choline supplement can be helpful.

Glucomannan comes from the roots of the konjac plant. It is a soluble fiber, which means it attracts water and turns into a gel-like substance in your stomach. It can expand up to 30 and 50 times its usual size in your stomach. This makes you feel fuller and reduces your appetite. Because it is a fiber, it can’t be digested and therefore doesn’t add any calories to your diet.

We recommend LeanBean because it includes both of these ingredients, as well as a slew of others proven to help you lose weight. Furthermore, it includes these supplements at scientifically-backed doses.

What vitamins help lose belly fat? The best vitamin to help you lose weight is choline. This essential nutrient is necessary at many stages of your metabolism. If you don’t consume enough of it, your metabolism will slow down because all the necessary nutrients for it to work aren’t there. Therefore, taking a choline supplement when you’re deficient can speed up your metabolism.

Furthermore, choline also plays a role in other body functions as well. It is one of the main ingredients in cell membranes and is needed to produce a neurotransmitter that plays a part in memory, mood, and muscle control. It is an essential nutrient, especially for women who may become pregnant at some point.

Despite this, though, many people are deficient in it. The foods highest in choline are eggs and liver. Many Americans don’t eat liver, which leaves eggs as the primary source. Luckily, most women who eat eggs daily do have enough choline. If you don’t, you are likely deficient.

B vitamins can also be helpful as they play a significant role in keeping your metabolism functioning properly. B-1 converts carbohydrates into energy, for example, and many other B vitamins play a role as well. Being deficient in any of these vitamins can decrease the effectiveness of your metabolism and make you hold onto your body weight.

Does B12 help you lose weight? Yes. Like many other B vitamins, vitamin B12 is used by your metabolism. This vitamin is mostly used to create red blood cells and the synthesis of your DNA. However, it also helps your body convert protein and fat into energy. Without B12, your metabolism will not be able to function correctly.

Luckily, most people get enough B12. It is found in almost all meats and animal products, including milk and eggs. If you eat these substances, you are likely getting enough. With that said, problems with your metabolism can occur before the more severe effects of B12 deficiency become apparent, so you could quickly be deficient without knowing it.

It is important to note that your body will only use as much B12 as it needs. Taking more if you are not currently deficient will not make your metabolism work better if it is already working at 100%. In other words, there is a maximum amount of B12 you can take to notice a difference. After that, your body simply won’t use the extra. It will only help if you are currently deficient.

Will diet pills help me lose 20 pounds in a week? To lose weight healthily, you should only aim to lose 1-2 pounds a week. This is the rate that your body can adequately convert body fat into energy. If you’re losing weight at a higher rate than this, you are likely losing lean muscle as well. This is bad for two reasons.

Firstly, lean muscle is what gives you a tight and toned look. Without it, you may develop extra skin and may become somewhat flabby. Secondly, the amount of muscle you have is related to your resting metabolism. If you lose lean muscles, the amount of energy you burn will go down. This makes it more challenging to lose weight in the future.

Studies have also found that those who lose weight at a higher rate are less likely to keep that weight off in the future, likely because they are using only short-term fixes and not changing their overall lifestyle (18).

Do you gain weight after stopping diet pills for women? It depends. Diet pills work best when used alongside diet and exercise. If you have a healthy diet and are getting the recommended amount of exercise for your age group, likely, you won’t have a problem stopping your weight loss pills.

However, these lifestyle changes are essential if you want to achieve long-term severe weight loss. If you go back to the behaviors that made you gain the extra weight in the first place, you will gain all your weight back. Diet pills do not stick around and help you keep the weight off, and you should not continue to take them after you have achieved your goal weight.

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Diet pills for women can be the little boost you need to reach your goal weight finally. Many pills use scientifically-proven ingredients to help you shed that pesky belly fat and reach a healthy weight. There are many diet pills on the market. Still, we recommend choosing one with quality ingredients that are made in an FDA or GMP certified facility to ensure safety and effectiveness.

For FitBug’s #1 diet pill for women, click here.

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