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Fitbug is on a mission to keep people moving.

Our in-depth rankings analysis from fitness apps to pull-up bars keep people informed.

Developing positive habits takes time. It requires personalized solutions that evolve over time to maintain engagement.

Fitbug is on a mission to keep people moving…at work.

How positive is your organization? Companies perform better when people are happy. That’s why we have created content solutions that truly engages users and creates a long-lasting culture of wellness by making it personal and measurable.

You already know that investing in wellness is the single most important initiative to improve performance, reduce absenteeism and lower healthcare costs. Fitbug’s content solution delivers value of investment beyond that of traditional programs and provides you with meaningful reporting and actionable data.

We’re pioneers in Digital Wellness. Over the past 10 years we have brought together our knowledge and passion for corporate wellness with our technical expertise, to deliver simple solutions that empowers companies to create a lasting culture of well-being in the workplace.

Welcome to Fitbug.