Ranking the Best Thermogenics of 2020

Thermogenic supplements are made with natural ingredients that are designed to support your metabolism and increase your natural fat-burning rate. The exact ingredients they use to do this varies quite a bit.

We reviewed many different thermogenic supplements to find the best ones on the market. Below, you’ll find our review of the top options.


1. PhenQ


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This thermogenic supplement is designed for both men and women. It contains several ingredients that have been shown to increase your metabolism, including caffeine.

It attacks your weight from a variety of angles, supporting your natural weight loss abilities and giving your extra energy in the meantime. For these reasons, it is FitBug’s #1 thermogenic supplement.

2. LeanBean


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While this pill is only designed for women, it is significant enough that we decided to rank it very high. It combines several great ingredients, such as garcinia cambogia and green tea.

It supports your natural ability to lose weight while also suppressing your appetite, providing you with many avenues to achieve your weight loss goal.

3. Burn XT Black Thermogenic Fat Burner

Burn XT Black Thermogenic Fat Burner

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This supplement is a fat burner and so much more. It features natural ingredients to help support your metabolism and control your appetite. It also contains a powerful and energizing thermogenic to improve your mental and athletic performance.

It is also manufactured in GMP-certified facilities to ensure safety and potency.

4. Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

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These pills are incredibly similar to the supplement in our #3 spot. However, this one contains fewer ingredients and is missing some of the energy-boosting qualities. It is a good option for someone looking for something simpler, though.

If you only want to burn fat, this is a great supplement to consider.

5. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Weight Loss Supplement

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Weight Loss Supplement

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Hydroxycut has been in the business for a while, so it is no surprise that their weight loss supplement is one of the best. On top of improving your metabolism, this supplement also increases your energy and focus, helping you avoid the diet drag.

It includes a variety of high-quality ingredients, many of which we will discuss shortly.

6. Nobi Nutrition Premium Fat Burner for Women

Nobi Nutrition Premium Fat Burner for Women

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This is another thermogenic supplement that is designed specifically for women. It contains a premium BHB formula that improves your metabolism and suppresses your appetite.

Nobi Nutrition reportedly has excellent customer service, so you should feel confident about purchasing this product.

7. Vintage Fat Burner

Vintage Burn Fat Burner

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This fat burner helps your burn fat while preserving your muscle mass, which leads to faster weight loss overall. The unique thermogenic formula is designed to help both men and women increase their natural metabolism.

This supplement has been third-party tested and includes scientifically-proven ingredients.

8. Iron Brothers Supplement for Men and Women

Iron Brother Supplement

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This supplement helps boost your metabolism and stay feeling great even as you burn off the pounds. It is one of the few supplements that contains yohimbine, which is a scientifically proven ingredient.

This company also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.

9. Spark by Califina

Spark by Califina

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Spark is specially formulated to reduce your body fat and relieve water retention, which can cause you to look bigger than you are. It is designed for long-term use as well, so you can use it for longer than most other thermogenic supplements.

This supplement can also reduce your overall stress thanks to a scientifically-tested adaptogen that supports a healthy hormone balance.

10. Night Time Fat Burner

Night Time Fat Burner

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This supplement is designed for night time use. It does not contain any stimulants so that it won’t interfere with your sleep. It helps you wake up refreshed and ready to go.

It also reduces your appetite as well to kick nighttime cravings.

How We Ranked

When we reviewed each thermogenic supplement, our first consideration was how safe each supplement was. Over the years, it has come to light that not all supplement ingredients as safe. Some caused quite severe illnesses.

Luckily, many of these ingredients have been banned by the FDA. Therefore, any supplement made in the USA will not include these banned ingredients. However, if you purchase a supplement made in a different country, it can contain these ingredients. Because of this, it is essential that you only purchase formulations made in the United States.

We only included formulas that did not include these potentially harmful ingredients that have been banned by the FDA.

However, some ingredients have worse side effects than most that are not outright banned. This includes yohimbine, which can make anxiety and depression worse. Some of our top products do include these ingredients, but they are ranked lower on the list because of their inclusion.

Of course, we also considered how effective each supplement was. While thermogenic supplements are typically not tested in clinical trials directly, many of the ingredients they include do. We preferred supplements that included scientifically-tested ingredients since we know that these ingredients do work.

We also relied on customer reviews to gauge effectiveness. These have varying degrees of accuracy, depending on the site you get them from. Still, they give you a pretty good idea of how well a supplement works.

Sometimes, a supplement can include plenty of scientifically-proven ingredients, but the dosage isn’t quite right to produce significant results. Customer reviews are a great way to find this information out.

Thirdly, we also considered the convenience of each supplement. Some supplements require you to take many pills multiple times a day. This is sometimes required for certain ingredients to work correctly, especially appetite suppressants, which tend to wear off quickly. However, this is not very convenient in the least.

It can be challenging to remember to take pills multiple times each day, and many of us are out of our home regularly, which means we’d have to take our pills with us. This is just not doable for some people.


Thermogenic supplements work. Scientific evidence has shown that many ingredients used in thermogenic supplements do work in a clinical setting. While most supplements have not been thoroughly tested, most ingredients common in these sorts of supplements have been.

Caffeine is likely one of the most common ingredients used to help with weight loss. Many people think of coffee when they’re talking about caffeine, but it is found in a wide range of plants – so not all caffeine in supplements is derived directly from coffee.

Caffeine is a stimulant. It increases your adrenaline, encouraging your fat cells to release fatty acids into your bloodstream to be used as fuel. It has been shown in studies to reduce appetite and boost metabolism (1).

To experience the fat-burning effects of caffeine, you need about 1.3 – 2.3 mg of caffeine per pound of body weight.

Capsaicin is also common. This substance is the same one that makes chili peppers spicy. It stimulants the release of adrenaline, just like caffeine does (2). Plus, it can also reduce your appetite (3). One particular study found that is can boost your metabolism by about 50 calories per day. That might not sound like a lot, but it does add up (4).

Another common ingredient is garcinia cambogia, which is in almost every thermogenic supplement because it is effective and cheap. It blocks the activity of a particular enzyme that creates body fat. Without this enzyme, your body will not create any additional fat.

One study review found that, on average, this ingredient caused a 1% greater reduction in body fat, which is about 2 pounds on average, over 12 weeks (5). That isn’t a lot, but it does work!

Green tea extract, which is just concentrated green tea, is also a prevalent ingredient. It is in almost all the top thermogenic supplements we reviewed. Green tea contains caffeine, which we have already discussed. However, it also contains EGCG, which slows the breakdown of adrenaline (6).

Researchers have found that green tea extract can increase your metabolism by about 4% and your overall weight loss by 16% for 24 hours (7). There is some debate on how this translates to pounds lost, though.

One study concluded that those who took green tea supplements only lost about 0.1 pounds extra after 12 weeks (8). But, another found that the average extra weight loss was 2.9 pounds (9).

Yohimbine is the last ingredient we will discuss. This ingredient Is derived from the African yohimbe tree and works by affecting a variety of hormones. In particular, it messes with the amounts of adrenaline your body produces, which can theoretically make you lose extra weight (10).

With that said, there has not been extensive research done into this particular ingredient and how it translates to actual weight loss. One study did look at the effects on active athletes and found that they lost about 2% of their body weight in three weeks. However, it is unclear if it would be similar to those who are less active (11).

Thermogenic supplements are natural and accessible. Nearly anyone can take a thermogenic supplement. They are inexpensive and do not require much effort on your part. They are perfect for those who find other weight management activities difficult because of their size, as well as those who have a busy lifestyle. This is one of the main reasons people choose to take thermogenic supplements – they’re just so easy!

Thermogenic supplements are easy to use with other weight-loss strategies. There are many different ways you can lose weight and dozens of diets out there. However, some of these are difficult to pair with each other, limiting the amount of weight you may be able to lose at a time. A smoothie fast is not going to be useable alongside a keto diet, for example.

However, thermogenic supplements can be used alongside practically any other weight loss strategy. They’re easy to use next to exercise and practically any diet. Plus, they often work quite well alongside these other strategies, leading to more weight loss overall. If one supplement isn’t suitable for your current diet for whatever reason, you can bet that there probably one that it.

Thermogenic supplements can reduce your appetite. While the primary purpose of a thermogenic diet is to increase your metabolism, many of them do reduce your appetite as well. As we discussed earlier, many of the ingredients included in most supplements also have some appetite suppression ability. This will cause you to eat fewer calories overall, which will, of course, lead to more weight loss.

If you decide to purchase an overall weight loss pill, which often includes a thermogenic element as well, this appetite suppressant will likely be present. This is true in both PhenQ and LeanBean, which came in #1 and #2 in our reviews for this reason. When you’re losing weight, you need all the help you can get. The fact that thermogenic supplements can pull double duty is a huge bonus when you’re trying to reach your weight loss goals.

Thermogenic supplements are relatively safe. As long as you purchase the correct supplements from a reliable company, many supplements are quite safe. We recommend only purchasing supplements made in the USA, UK, or a similar country to ensure they are following appropriate safety standards.

In general, most of the ingredients used do not have many side effects. The side effects they do have often come from the inclusion of caffeine, though it isn’t going to cause any serious issues. We will discuss side effects further in the following section, but it is worth knowing that most of these supplements are harmless! Many don’t even cause problems when taken in large amounts. Your daily use of stimulants like caffeine has a large part in whether or not you’ll experience any side effects. Those who get jittery after drinking a cup of coffee will probably get jittery after taking a supplement.

Side Effects

Thermogenic supplements can cause side effects. Many of the ingredients used in these supplements can cause some side effects. Caffeine and other supplements can cause jitters, anxiety, and similar effects. If you are strongly affected by caffeine, you will probably be affected by supplements that contain caffeine. In these cases, look for supplements that can be used at night, as these are free of stimulants in almost all cases.

Besides side effects from stimulants, other ingredients can cause side effects. The more serious of these are caused by yohimbine. This is a somewhat rare ingredient because the side effects can be somewhat serious when compared to other common ingredients. Yohimbine affects the amount of adrenaline in your bloodstream by affecting certain hormones. While this can help you lose weight, it will also cause side effects like anxiety, nausea, panic attacks, and high blood pressure. You will feel the effects of adrenaline much longer and more pronounced than usual, so keep that in mind when choosing a supplement.

Thermogenic supplements should only be used by those that are overweight. Just because you feel like you’re carrying a few extra pounds around your waist does not mean that you should use thermogenic supplements. They can make you lose too much weight, which can be just as problematic as being overweight. You should not use them if you have a healthy BMI or underweight BMI. If you have questions about what that means for you, speak with your doctor about your weight.

Studies have shown that a surprisingly high number of people misuse weight loss supplements, including thermogenic supplements. One particular study found that over a quarter of women who use diet pills are not overweight or obese. This is true of even prescription supplements that have to be prescribed by a doctor (12). There are even some underweight women using these supplements, which can cause serious health consequences.

Thermogenic supplements are linked with eating disorders. Studies have shown that women with eating disorders are much more likely to take thermogenic weight loss pills. While these supplements will not cause an eating disorder, those with eating disorders are much more likely to feel like they need to lose weight and will turn to supplements more often (13).

If you have an eating disorder, you may want to reconsider taking these supplements and speak with your doctor to ensure that you need them. While there is no problem using these supplements with a history of an eating disorder, in particular, you need to ensure that you are overweight before starting one of these supplements.

Thermogenic supplements are linked to some health problems. In some cases, thermogenic supplements have been linked to severe health problems. In many cases, it is not the supplement that causes the problem to begin with, but it can bother already existing conditions and make them significantly worse.

In particular, weight loss supplements have been linked to liver problems. There is no particular ingredient that stands out as the culprit, but it does seem like it was the supplement in all the cases reported according to one study. It is unclear if the patients had an underlying disorder that caused the problem (14). Like many different pills, these supplements are also linked to esophageal ulcers (15).

Recommended Dosage

You should follow the dosing instructions that come with your supplement for the best results. Often, this means taking pills multiple times a day.

In many cases, you will find significant differences between different supplement’s dosage instructions. This is because not much research has yet been done on the optimal dosage for many of the common ingredients in the supplements. So, companies just have to make an educated guess. Some companies test different formulations, but others do not. Those that do perform testing are often more expensive because of the added product development involved.

Luckily, many of the ingredients used do not cause significant problems even at very high dosages. With that said, some research has discovered a top recommended dose for some of the ingredients.

Caffeine is the most studied ingredient in many cases since it is found in so many different drinks and foods. The more caffeine you take, the more likely you are to experience side effects. People usually build up a tolerance to caffeine over time, so how much you can take without feeling any side effects depends on how much caffeine you consume in your daily life. In general, you should not take more than 5 grams of caffeine a day, which is far above the average amount found in most thermogenic supplements (16).

Green tea extract is exceedingly safe, and no overdoses have ever been reported. While it hasn’t been directly studied, we also didn’t find any reports of overdoses in the scientific literature available, which is a perfect sign that it is incredibly safe. You may experience some side effects at very high levels, but you would have to make a point to take a lot of green tea extract – far above the amount in any thermogenic supplement.

Despite its significant list of side effects, yohimbine is not dangerous even when you take a lot of it. One study detailed the pathology of a man who took 100, 2mg tablets of yohimbine. He experienced minor tachycardia, hypertension, and anxiety. He was admitted to the hospital, but his symptoms quickly cleared up without any treatment (17).


What does a thermogenic supplement do?

Thermogenic supplements contain ingredients that naturally improve your metabolism, causing your body to burn more fat without any extra effort on your part. They cause your body to burn more calories as you go about your daily life.

Do thermogenic fat burners work?

Yes, there is lots of evidence that the ingredients in thermogenic fat burners work. While studies typically aren’t performed on particular supplements, many ingredients have gone through several clinical studies, so we have some idea of how well they work. We can use this information to make an estimate guess on how well a particular supplement may work based on its ingredients.

In our review section, we were careful only to choose supplements that included proven ingredients.

Which thermogenics work best?

We recommend PhenQ for most of our readers. This is a thermogenic fat burner that includes plenty of scientifically-proven ingredients, so you can rest assured that it works. Furthermore, this supplement also approaches your weight loss from a variety of different angles by reducing your appetite and boosting your energy. So you’ll burn more fat naturally without any extra effort on your part.

The ingredients it uses are also very safe. It does not include any ingredients that are known for severe side effects or anything of that sort.

When should I take thermogenic fat burners?

Thermogenic fat burners are designed for those that are overweight or obese. They can make you lose too much weight if you have a healthy BMI, so it is essential only to use them when you genuinely need to lose weight for health reasons.

Unlike some other weight loss pill options, most thermogenic supplements do not have serious side effects and do not worsen many common health problems. Of course, the exact ingredients each supplement includes do matter. Some can make certain heart conditions worse or interfere with certain medications. If you have any questions regarding your health, in particular, we recommend discussing it with your doctor.

Are thermogenics bad for your heart?

It depends on the exact ingredient being used. Yohimbine can make certain heart conditions worse because it affects the amount of adrenaline in your blood, which has a direct effect on your heart rate. If your heart rate stays too high for too long, it can make certain preexisting conditions worse. Green tea extract can interfere with certain medications, including some heart medications. If you’re on these medications, taking a supplement containing one of these extracts would be problematic.

Most thermogenic supplements contain some kind of stimulant, like caffeine. If you cannot drink coffee because of an underlying heart condition, you shouldn’t take a thermogenic supplement with caffeine in it, either. This is true even if the supplement isn’t deriving its caffeine from coffee beans.

Are thermogenics dangerous?

Not particularly. Every medication or supplement you take does have the potential for side effects, and thermogenic fat burners are no different. However, they are not particularly dangerous, especially if you ensure you’re getting pills made in the United States, where safety standards prevent dangerous ingredients from being used.

Most supplements contain some level of caffeine or another stimulant. Because of this, they can cause you to feel jittery. If you can’t drink a large coffee without getting a headache or just feeling under the weather, you may not want to take a supplement with stimulants in it. There are some options available that are stimulant-free. Typically, these are labeled for being designed for bedtime use. The Night Time Fat Burner we include in our reviews is an excellent option for a stimulant-free thermogenic supplement.

Can thermogenics reduce my stomach fat?

It is impossible to target a particular part of your body for fat loss. Where we store our body fat is mostly a matter of genetics, though certain environmental factors can play a role as well. When you lose body fat, you’ll lose a little bit from everywhere, including your stomach. The only way to lose your belly fat is to lose weight overall or lower your body fat percentage, which can be done by losing fat but gaining muscle. Those who look very toned have a low body fat percentage.

Thermogenic supplements can help you lose weight, as we have already discussed. Because of this, they can help you lose body fat. However, they aren’t only going to help you lose belly fat.

Can thermogenics cause liver damage?

Yes. There have been reports that thermogenic supplements can cause liver damage (14). There are countless reports of liver damage being caused by the use of fat burners. According to one study, just because something contains just herbal ingredients does not mean that they are free of side effects, which can include liver damage (18). Most reports of liver damage have included supplements that contain usnic acid, green tea, and guggul tree extracts. However, there have been some reports that liver damage has happened due to thermogenics without any of these ingredients being involved.

Do thermogenics have side effects?

Yes. Thermogenics can have a whole host of side effects. Most side effects occur because of the stimulants often included. If you find yourself unable to drink lots of coffee without feeling jittery or otherwise under the weather, you will probably get the same feelings from a fat burner. Some options don’t include stimulants. These are usually designed to be used at night time when users would not want the stimulants interfering with their sleep.

Because stimulant-caused side effects, thermogenics can cause a few other adverse effects depending on the ingredient. Yohimbine is associated with higher blood pressure, faster heart rate, and feelings of anxiety. It increases the amount of time adrenaline stays in your bloodstream, so you can imagine how it might make you feel. Green tea extract can interfere with certain medications.

Do thermogenic supplements work without exercise?

Most thermogenic supplements increase the effectiveness of your metabolism or interact with enzymes and hormones. Because of this, they do not require exercise to work. Of course, most will work better if you exercise while taking them. The effects of the exercise and supplement will stack, causing you to lose more weight. However, they do not require exercise to work in most cases.

Do thermogenic supplements burn muscle?

It depends on the ingredients used. Some improve your metabolism, which can cause muscles to be burned. However, many work on hormones and enzymes that play a role in fat production or loss. In these cases, the supplement will not cause you to lose muscle mass.

With that said, any supplement can cause you to lose weight if you are not eating enough calories and do not have much body fat left. Your body needs to get fuel from somewhere. If your thermogenic supplement is clearing out the fat and you are eating meager calories, you may lose muscle. This is only an issue for those who are healthy or underweight, however.

What do thermogenic supplements do for your body?

Thermogenic supplements are made with many different ingredients, which can affect what exactly they do to your body. Many effects how your body gets rid of adrenaline, which makes adrenaline sit around in your bloodstream longer. This can encourage your body to release fatty acids into your bloodstream for your body to use as fuel. Others encourage your metabolism to work better; often, by providing it nutrients, our bodies are lacking. Some boost your energy, assuming that more energy will make you burn more fat naturally. Some do a few or all of these!

Can thermogenic supplements help me burn fat quickly?

Thermogenic supplements do work, as many studies have shown. However, they do often not provide as big of an impact as some people would like. They are not going to make you lose pounds and pounds a week by themselves. However, they can help you lose a few extra pounds overall. How well they work does depend somewhat on your diet. If you’re gaining fat faster than they can burn it, you are not going to lose as much as you could otherwise.

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Thermogenic supplements can help you lose a few extra pounds. Many scientific studies have shown than many common thermogenic ingredients work quite well and can have a direct effect on how much weight you lose. Of course, not all thermogenic fat burners are created equal. Some don’t work as well as others and can even contain potentially harmful ingredients.

Choosing a quality thermogenic supplement is essential if you want to meet your weight loss goals. Check out our review section for a complete explanation of the best thermogenic fat burners available.

For FitBug’s #1 thermogenic supplement, click here.

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