Ranking the Best Personal Trainer Software of 2020

Personal Trainer software helps personal trainers and other fitness professionals track workouts, schedule clients, collect payments, and perform marketing tasks. This software helps streamline many of the logistics of being a personal trainer and can automate a lot of your responsibilities.

There are many different personal trainer software systems on the market. Here are the best of the best:


1. Trainerize


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Trainerize is unique because it offers many online features, including in-app communication, nutrition tracking, and online workout videos. It is also extremely inexpensive, especially when compared to other software options.

It also comes with fitness planning and customizable nutrition programs. Because of these reasons, it is FitBug’s #1 choice.

2. TrueCoach


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This software is completely web-based and includes all the features a personal trainer needs. It allows for customized fitness and nutrition plans, payment processing, attendance tracking, and eCommerce. You can track your clients’ progress, which is viewable to both you and them.

Many customers also reported that is was easy to use.

3. My PT Hub

My PT Hub

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Strictly speaking, this isn’t computer software at all. Instead, it is an online website and mobile app that lets personal trainers track their customers and create customized programs.

It is incredibly inexpensive and covers all the features that personal trainer software tends to include, which is why it ranked so high on our list.

4. Zen Planner

Zen Planner

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This app includes all the features you need and then some. It is a bit more expensive but can take care of every aspect of your business, including attendance tracking and payment processing.

However, it doesn’t give you the ability to make fitness plans or nutrition programs. It is ranked a little lower because of this.

5. Upper Hand

Upper Hand

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Upper Hand is a moderately expensive software, but it does come with quite a few features. It includes fitness assessments as well as built-in eCommerce. Of course, scheduling options and payment processing are included as well.

Unlike most software systems, this one does not have a free trial available.

6. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

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As you may guess, this software is mostly revolved around scheduling. It is missing many of the features higher-ranking apps include, though it is quite inexpensive.

This software can be integrated into most existing website designs and is very customizable. It is a good option if you’re only looking for scheduling.

7. PT Distinction

PT Distinction

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PT Distinction is specially designed for online personal trainers and coaches. It allows you to make customized fitness plans and nutrition programs for your clients, as well as track their progress.

Compared to other programs, it is decently inexpensive. There is a free trial available.

8. EZFacility P.T. Software


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EZFacility creates many different software programs, including this one designed specifically for personal trainers. This software can process payments for you and track attendance.

Customers reported that customer service was beneficial and friendly. The scheduling system is quite intuitive, but the software does not provide customizable fitness plans for clients.

9. Vagaro


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This company many quite a few different software programs. This one is designed for personal trainers precisely and includes features like payment processing, attendance tracking, and eCommerce.

It’s a functional software but doesn’t include many of the more advanced features, like fitness planning and nutrition programs.

10. PTminder


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This app includes fitness planning, nutrition programs, payment processing, and a host of other features. The scheduling features are pretty easy to use.

However, it can be challenging to design workout programs on the app, and some features are pretty clunky. It is one of the more difficult-to-use systems.

How We Ranked

Most management software systems made for personal trainers fall into two categories: scheduling-focused systems and systems that include things like nutrition programs and customizable workout plans.

Surprisingly, both of these types are about the same cost. Because of this, we ranked the more complete systems higher than those that just did the scheduling. Generally, if you can get more features for your buck, that’s what you’re going to want to do.

This is why Trainerize is our #1 pick. It is incredibly complete.

Secondly, we also considered the overall cost of each software. Most are very low at only a few dollars a month, but some did reach $100 or more. Those that cost more are usually systems that are designed for large gyms, so they may or may not be suitable for you. If you are involved in other fitness activities, like owning a gym, these bigger programs are likely fitting.

Personal trainer software that was more expensive but didn’t offer many extra features was ranked lower. Sometimes, it might be useful to purchase one of these more expensive programs even though they don’t include anything more than a cheaper program offers. For example, you might have previous experience with particular a software, which would make it easier to use.

However, we generally assumed our readers wanted the most value for their purchase, so we ranked cheap software with lots of features the highest.

Thirdly, we took into account ease-of-use. Luckily, most of the software and apps out there are pretty easy to use. With that said, some on the market are unnecessarily complicated or not very intuitive.

This is one area where customer service matters. You can learn a complicated app pretty quickly if a customer service agent is around to answer all your questions quickly. At the same time, you can run into walls with even an easy app if your questions go unanswered for days.


Personal Trainer software can help you track your client’s progress. It can be challenging to keep up with all your clients’ progress at once, especially if you run a thriving business. However, tracking their weight loss or other progress is extremely important. Not only does it help you design their overall program for them, but studies have shown that tracking weight loss can be essential for overall success (1). If your clients have an accurate measure of their progress, they may be more motivated and work harder to reach their goals.

As personal trainers, we all want our clients to succeed. Investing in personal trainer software that provides precise measurements of their progress can help them do just that.

Personal Trainer software can help manage your client’s exercise program. Many programs allow you to customize your client’s exercise program, which can help significantly in their fitness journey. Whether they’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, you can use the personal trainer software to design them a program to do just that.

Most software allows your clients to log in and see what you’ve scheduled for them to do, as well, streamlining the whole process.

Studies have shown that the correct exercise can be beneficial for weight loss (2). With a piece of software that includes exercise plans, you can help your clients reach their full potential.

Personal Trainer software can lower your stress levels. Running any sort of business can be stressful, including personal training businesses. Stress can have all sorts of negative impacts on your health (3). It is essential to keep stress levels down where you can, which includes minimizing the stress that comes from your business.

Personal trainer software can help this happen by helping you handle the logistic side of your business. It can help you schedule clients, provide workout plans, and allow you to communicate with your clients efficiently. Sometimes, they can even help you with marketing and client retention. Most can process payments as well, which removes something else you’ll have to deal with otherwise.

In short, personal trainer software just makes your business more efficient overall, allowing you to get back to the part of your business you love the most – helping your clients.

Personal Trainer software can prevent problems with scheduling. You can attempt to do all the scheduling by pen-and-paper. However, the odds of making a mistake are often very high. Our memory only works so well. One slip-up can make you seem unprofessional and leave you with two unhappy clients.

Personal Trainers software almost always helps you handle the scheduling portion of your business. Some software requires you to enter the times you’ll be seeing each client. However, others allow your clients to sign-up for available time-slots from an app, website, or similar portal. This can prevent mess-ups from occurring and streamline the whole scheduling process. You won’t have to worry about double-scheduling or getting today’s schedule mixed up with tomorrow’s.

Personal Trainer software raises your credibility. Lots of software includes client-facing elements, like websites and apps. These websites often allow them to book appointments with you and pay bills online. At the very least, this software can provide branded invoices. All of these features increase your business’s “official” status and make you look more professional.

When your business looks professional, clients are more likely to trust you – as opposed to feeling like they might get scammed. When they trust you, they’re more likely to do business with you, which increases your revenue. Just a little bit of professionalism can go a long way.

Personal Trainer software can improve client communication. Most software comes with features that allow you to interact directly with your client. This can be through automatic emails, saved text message templates, or an app. The exact details differ depending on the software you purchase. However, the critical part is that almost all include some way for you to communicate with your client quickly and easily.

Furthermore, personal trainer software automates some of the reasons you might be calling and sending emails to your clients now. Instead of calling to schedule and confirm appointments, many software systems completely automate scheduling. Sometimes, they even automate things like nutrition and workout plans.

All of these features ensure that you’re communicating with your clientele clearly and effectively.

Personal Trainer software saves time. We dove into this topic a little bit already, but it is such a huge benefit that it deserves its section. First and foremost, personal trainer software saves you time. Even if you’re fantastic at time management and not currently stressed by the amount of work on your plate, who couldn’t use a little extra time?

This software automates so many parts of your business that you’ll have more time to focus on what matters, like tweaking your client’s workout plans. You won’t have to worry about processing payments or calling clients to schedule appointments. Instead, the software can take care of these logistical functions for you.

Personal Trainer software allows you to set up rewards programs. Some software allows you to set up rewards programs, which give your clients specific discounts after they book so many sessions. Providing your clients with an incentive to keep coming back increases client retention and your revenue. For these reasons alone, personal trainer software can be a massive addition to your business.

Personal Trainer software allows you to brand everything. Almost every software option out there allows you to brand your invoices. Others even include branded client apps and automatic branded emails. This increases your brand’s visibility and improves your clients’ trust, which we’ve already discussed.

Perhaps more importantly, though, branding makes you look professional. If you were running any other business, you’d be branding everything. Your training business should be the same.

Personal trainer software allows you to up-sell other services. Because more personal training software comes with a client app, it is straightforward to sell extra services to already existing customers. For example, let’s say you mostly focus on the exercise side of things. However, your personal trainer software might allow you to make meal plans for your clients, which you could then sell for an extra charge. All of this is accessed through the same app, so clients feel like they’re getting an add-on, not paying for a completely different service.

In other words, it all works together.

Side Effects

Personal trainer software requires a bit of start-up time. If you already have other clients, it can take a little bit to transfer them over to your new program. You’ll have to set up all their workout plans and nutrition plans if the software offers those services. You’ll also have to inform your clients of these changes and set up payments so the system can automate that part of your business.

This takes quite a bit of time on the front end. Of course, once you get everything settled, you will save time in the long-run. However, you do need to set aside some time, in the beginning, to get everything sorted out and transferred.

Personal trainer software has a learning curve. With any new program you purchase, you’re going to have to figure out how to use it. Even the most accessible software out there does have a bit of a learning curve. If you’re pretty tech-savvy, this probably isn’t a huge issue. However, you will have to remember that your clients will need to figure out how to use the new system as well and might need your help in the beginning.

Of course, some software systems are easier to use than others. In our ranking section, we ranked those that were more comfortable to use higher. Head up there to discover which software is the easiest to get a handle on, so you aren’t spending hours trying to figure it out.

Personal trainer software can push you to provide services you aren’t qualified to provide. The exact licensing requirements of a personal trainer vary from state to state, as do the things a personal trainer is qualified to do. Some states do not allow personal trainers to provide nutritional advice, for example, because there have been some cases of trainers providing inappropriate advice to clients (4).

If you aren’t allowed to provide nutritional advice, having software with a nutrition option can be somewhat troublesome. Of course, as long as you don’t actively use that part of the software, you shouldn’t find yourself in any legal trouble. However, if that portion is client-facing, you may find yourself in strange waters.

Personal trainer software can be expensive. As you would expect, personal trainer software is not free. It can range anywhere from just a few dollars a month to hundreds. This means less cash in your pocket. Whether or not to invest in this software is a personal decision. You should weigh the benefits and downsides of each software before your purchase. Where your business is now and where you want it to be are both going to be the main factors to base your decision on.

If you decide to purchase software, be sure to use our rankings section to select an excellent software. The last thing you want is to choose a so-so personal trainer software that is just going to be a drain on your revenue.

Recommended Usage

Preferably, you should use your trainer software as much as possible. This software can only save you time if you take advantage of the features it provides. You should put your clients in the system as quickly as possible and use the system for all your payments.

If the software allows you to track your client’s workout and nutrition, you should use the software if you’re offering these services. This allows you to keep everything in one place and makes your system work much more efficiently. Doing it the old-fashioned way with pen-and-paper is much slower and not as professional as what the software offers. Putting in the extra work upfront to figure out how to use these features is worth it tenfold.

Most software comes with an app or website you can use to communicate with your customers. This is where your customers will schedule their meetings and access their workout plans. If the software provides progress tracking, your clients will typically be able to see their progress through this app or website as well.

You should use this app or website as much as possible and instruct all your clients to use it as well. Otherwise, your clients will be missing out on the software’s features, and you won’t be saving as much time as you could be. If you email your client their progress and update it in the app, you’re just doing more work than you need to.

A software program is only going to be as useful as you make it, so be sure you’re taking advantage of all the features it offers.


What is personal trainer software? Personal trainer software is any software that is designed to make a personal trainer’s life a little easier. Almost always, this software involves some sort of scheduling help. Sometimes, it is merely a virtual planner that the trainer uses to schedule their day. Other software completely automates scheduling with a client-facing website that allows them to choose scheduling slots.

This sort of software sometimes allows personal trainers to track their client’s progress, which is often shared on a website or app. Sometimes, you will also be able to design workout and nutrition programs for your clients, which are also shared on apps or websites.

The exact features included in personal trainer software vary from system to system. There are many different software options out there for you to choose from. We reviewed some of the best ones in our rankings section.

Does personal trainer software keep track of your clients? Sometimes. The realm of personal trainer software is vast, so different programs have a variety of different features. Some do allow you to keep track of your client’s progress, as well as things like their workout and nutrition program.

Sometimes, this information is shared on a client app or website, allowing your clients to access their progress and other information independently. This can automate much of your business and get rid of the need for you to email your client information or print out exercise plans for them.

What is the best personal trainer software? Out of all the software we looked at, Trainerize quickly became our favorite. As the company advertises, their app “does all the boring stuff” for you. It can create training templates, manage your client’s meal plans, allows you to communicate with clients through the app, and takes care of some marketing aspects of your business.

Plus, it is quite inexpensive. For these reasons, we had to rate it as the best personal trainer software available.

How much does personal trainer software cost? Software ranges in price from a few dollars a month to hundreds of dollars. This range is so extensive because there is such a large variety of software available.

You can usually save quite a bit of money by purchasing software that is designed for personal trainers specifically, as opposed to software designed for “fitness business.” Generic fitness software is usually aimed at larger businesses who need to keep up with their employees, inventory, and memberships. You don’t need any of these features, so there is no reason to pay extra for them.

Furthermore, companies that focus on creating personal trainer software only usually sell their software for cheaper. Some larger companies make lots of different software, some of which might be appropriate for personal trainers. However, this software is usually more expensive.

Bottom line: you can purchase software for pretty cheap as long as you select software that is made specifically for personal trainers and not created by larger companies.

Do clients have to pay for personal trainer software? Not typically. Most companies do not charge clients directly for using their client apps or websites. However, personal trainers may decide to charge their clients extra for access to certain features of the app, like a nutrition program, for example. Most trainers treat these as add-ons since they typically don’t handle nutrition in their usual training services.

Does personal trainer software come with a free trial? Yes, the vast majority do. Usually, this free trial is about 30-days long. However, the details differ from software to software, and some companies don’t offer a free trial at all. We included information about some free trials in our rankings section, but you can also check each company’s website specifically for information on their specific trial options.

Can I use a logo on personal trainer software? Yes, most software programs allow you to use your logo on your apps, invoices, and website. One of the big draws of using this software is that you get to brand your invoices, so many do include that feature. Of course, the exact features do vary depending on what you purchase, so make sure using your logo is included if it’s specifically relevant to you.

Does personal trainer software work on a smartphone? It depends on the particular software you purchase. Many include a mobile app that allows personal trainers to keep track of their clients on the go, but there are quite a few that are only available on a computer. This is an important feature to check for if it is essential to you, as a mobile app is not typically a standard feature.

Furthermore, some software also includes an app for clients, that lets them do things like pay and schedule future sessions. Sometimes, they can also check their assigned workout routine and access nutritional information. Of course, the exact features do vary from software to software.

Can personal trainer software work on my existing website? Sometimes parts of the software can be integrated into an existing website. Many programs include payment processing that can be added to an existing website, allowing your clients to pay independently right on the website. Scheduling features are often easily integrated into existing websites as well, which lets your clients schedule their visits right on your website.

For many, these two features are often the only parts they want on their website. However, features like workout routines and nutrition planning can often not be integrated into existing websites. Software that includes these features often has a website builder that comes with the program, though sometimes only an app is included.

Check the exact software you’re purchasing to see if any of the features included can be integrated into your existing website, as this is a factor that differs significantly from software to software.

Does personal trainer software come with an exercise database? Personal trainer software that focuses heavily on workout creation and nutrition management often comes with an exercise database. When you’ve designed your client’s workout routine, having these pre-made exercises available to choose makes the process go much faster. Instead of creating each exercise custom, you can quickly choose the ones you need to form the database.

However, it is doubtful that any database will come with all the exercises you need. Because of this, they allow you to create custom exercises. The size of each database differs significantly from software to software. It is something to keep in mind as you’re looking at each program, especially if you’re planning on designing exercise routines regularly. Still, because you can create your exercises, this isn’t a make-or-break feature.

Is personal trainer software easy to use? Most personal trainer software is straightforward to use. Unlike most business management software, personal trainer software is often very intuitive and made to be easy to use for everyone, including your clients. Generally, the systems will be pretty straightforward, and customer service teams are quite fast at answering questions.

Of course, this is not necessarily true for all software. Some systems are challenging to understand and may not be as intuitive as others. We recommend choosing the software you purchase carefully to ensure that you won’t spend too much time up-front figuring out how to use it. Our rankings section is an excellent place to start for reviews on some of the most popular software.

Can I use personal trainer software for online training? Some software is useable for online training. Some even allow you to record exercise videos and do everything remotely. Trainerize is particularly good at this, which is one of the reasons we rated it as our #1 pick.

Not all software covers this online aspect, so you need to ensure you get one with this functionality if you work entirely or even partially online.

Can clients see each other’s data on personal trainer software? Not in most cases. Even in software systems where a client can view their information, exercise routine, and nutrition program, they can typically not see other’s information or instructions. Of course, there might be situations where they can. This will be most common in poorly designed software and software that isn’t designed to be used by clients.

Can I cancel personal trainer software at any time? This depends on the company you purchase the software from. Some allow you to cancel at any time, though how easy that is actually to do varies. Others have contracts of varying lengths and might give you a discount for committing to a more extended period. Just like with purchasing any service, what you decide to buy varies depending on your needs.

If you’re a new personal trainer, you likely need software with no contracts. That way, if things don’t work out, you won’t be stuck in a contract for software you don’t need. If you’ve been in business for a while, you might be able to get away with getting a contract for a discounted rate.

Can personal trainer software send automated emails? Lots of personal trainer software allows you to set up automated emails for your clients. These emails can remind them to pay or remind them of an upcoming appointment. You can also use these emails to help keep your current clients. Furthermore, these automated emails take a lot of work off of your plate. You will no longer need to call your client to double-check that they’re still coming to their next appointment, or remind them to make their next payment.

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Personal trainer software can streamline many parts of your business. Many allow customers to pay and schedule their sessions independently, as well as keeping up with your client’s progress and workout routine. Many of these software systems are not very expensive, with many only being a few dollars a month. We took a look at some of the most popular personal trainer software systems out there and reviewed them, allowing you to choose the best option for your business.

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