Ranking the Best Multivitamins for Men of 2020

Multivitamins for men can help you cover nutritional gaps by providing vitamins and minerals you may not get from your diet alone. Men and women have unique nutritional requirements, making it vital to choose a multivitamin designed for your demographics.

While multivitamins are not a replacement for a healthy diet, you may be able to avoid certain chronic diseases and disorders by adding one of these supplements to your routine.

Below, you’ll find our reviews for the top multivitamins for men.


1. Ritual For Men 50+

Ritual For Men 50+

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For men over 50, you can’t get a better multivitamin than this. It has all the nutrients you might be missing in your usual diet, as well as extra ingredients to increase your energy and overall wellbeing.

With Ritual’s delayed-release technology, your body will absorb more from these pills. Plus, you may not feel as nauseous due to the timed release. We also liked how clean this supplement was. Because of these factors, it is Fitbug’s #1 multivitamin for men pick.

2. Performance Lab Whole-Food Men’s Multi

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If you’re younger than 50, you should try this multivitamin. It provides the recommended daily amount for 18 different vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins. It provides way over the minimum daily amount for these vitamins, which may be helpful if you need more energy.

It also targets testosterone production, the immune system, and your bones. In total, it provides some amount of 28 different vitamins and minerals.

3. Men’s Daily Multivitamin by Vimerson Health

Men’s Daily Multivitamin by Vimerson Health

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Vimerson Health designed this multivitamin to promote your overall health. It enhances your energy and stamina levels on top of supporting your immune system and mental function.

In all, this multivitamin includes many different vitamins and minerals, including a collection of the B vitamins. Plus, this supplement isn’t expensive either.

4. One A Day Men’s Multivitamin

One A Day Men’s Multivitamin

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This multivitamin is very inexpensive, which is one of the reasons we recommend it. Despite its cheapness, it also includes many of the vitamins and minerals you need to thrive.

This supplement is formulated to improve your heart health, blood pressure, immune health, and physical energy. As the name suggests, you only need to take one a day.

5. Centrum Silver Multivitamin for Men 50 Plus

Centrum Silver Multivitamin for Men 50 Plus

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For another inexpensive supplement, this is a reliable option. It is designed for men that are over 50 and contains a variety of nutrients that are incredibly helpful at slowing the aging process.

It supports the eyes, heart, and brain in particular, but may also help increase your energy and muscle function. Plus, they are non-GMO and gluten-free.

6. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

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This supplement by Optimum Nutrition contains vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. Vitamin E is also included for immune support, as are 21 other vitamins and minerals.

Because it is designed specifically for active men, it contains vitamins and minerals to improve muscle function and immunity.

7. Vitafustion Men’s Gummy Vitamins

Vitafustion Men’s Gummy Vitamins

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If you don’t like swallowing pills, these gummies are a good option. It supports your metabolism, immune system, and muscles. Plus, they taste quite good.

For those who have difficulty swallowing pills, these are one of the best gummy options on the market.

8. Nature’s Way Alive!

Nature’s Way Alive!

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This is another gummy multivitamin that is well worth the cost. These vitamins are incredibly inexpensive, though they still have just about everything you need to fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet.

However, this supplement only includes 15 different vitamins and minerals, which is somewhat lower than the other supplements we’ve reviewed.

9. Garden of Life Multivitamin for Men

Garden of Life Multivitamin for Men

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This supplement is one of the most expensive options on the market, but you’re getting what you pay for. There are 240 capsules in a box, which means you won’t have to purchase more very often.

It is designed specifically for men who are over 50.

10. Amazon Elements Men’s One Daily Multivitamin

Amazon Elements Men’s One Daily Multivitamin

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With 21 vitamins and minerals plus a botanical blend, this multivitamin is perfect for most men. It contains everything you need to stay healthy and nothing that you don’t need.

62% of the ingredients are cultured from whole foods, which makes it easier for your body to absorb them.

How We Ranked

We took many different factors into account when ranking each multivitamin. Most important, we considered the minerals and vitamins each multivitamin includes. There is no organization regulating which supplements can call themselves “multivitamins.” Any supplement can call itself a multivitamin if it wants to.

Because of this, we carefully reviewed the nutrients included in each multivitamin to ensure that it contained a variety of vitamins and minerals. Most of those we reviewed contain at least 20 vitamins and minerals, though a few may have slightly less than that. There is no point in taking a multivitamin if it doesn’t include a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

Secondly, we considered the price and value of each supplement. There is a broad range of price tags when it comes to multivitamins. You can find some for only a few dollars and others for more than 50 dollars. In many cases, you get what you pay for. More expensive supplements are typically better.

However, this is not always the case. There are a few supplements on the market that are quite expensive but don’t have a significant amount of added value. We did not rank these supplements very high.

Thirdly, safety is an essential factor when you’re choosing supplements. They are not heavily regulated. We ranked supplements higher if third party labs tested them. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the label is correct, as well as prevent unnecessary side effects from poor-quality ingredients.

Fourthly, we looked at the quality of the ingredients used. Not all vitamins and minerals are made equal. The source of the nutrient matters in how well it is absorbed and used by the body. Sometimes, vitamins may even come in different forms. Some forms are typically going to be better than others.

Finally, the form was also considered. Supplements with unusually large pills or those that tasted bad were ranked lower than others. We included a few gummies in our review section as well to provide an option for those who don’t like taking pills.


Multivitamins for men may lower your risk for heart disease. The research on heart disease and multivitamins is somewhat mixed, but there are quite a few studies that have found a reduced risk of heart disease and death among men taking a multivitamin.

One study, in particular, looked at 1,063,023 adult Americans. They found that those who took a multivitamin had a slightly lower rate of heart disease and death than those who did not. It is suggested that this lowered risk is caused by vitamins A, C, and E, which are commonly found in multivitamins (1).

Another study looked at men and women. It was found that those who took multivitamins had a slightly lower chance of developing myocardial infarction than those who did not (2).

At the same time, another study of 14,000 men found that there was no reduction in heart attacks, strokes, or mortality (3).

The studies do not agree on whether or not multivitamins affect heart disease risk. However, there may be a slight decrease in heart disease among those who take a multivitamin.

Multivitamins for men may improve your mental function. Some many vitamins and minerals are found in multivitamins that may help improve your brain function, especially if you are older.

Many studies have shown improved memory and memory recollection in older adults who had a multivitamin. One particular study that looked at older men aged 50 to 74 found that a multivitamin may improve episodic memory, especially in men who are at risk of cognitive decline (4). Antioxidant blends, which are often included in multivitamins, may also help improve memory in older adults (5).

Multivitamins may also help improve your mood, particularly if you have symptoms of depression. Once again, the evidence for this particular benefit is somewhat mixed. One study that used the particular multivitamin supplement Berocca found that young men who took it had significantly less anxiety and perceived stress than those who took a placebo (6).

A similar study found that older men who took a multivitamin have improved alertness and improved feelings of day-to-day wellbeing (7).

At the same time, another study found no correlation between mood and multivitamin supplements (8).

Multivitamins for men may reduce your cancer risk. Men who take a multivitamin may experience reduced cancer risk. As many of the benefits we’ve mentioned thus far, the evidence for the reduced cancer risk is also mixed. However, there is a decent amount of evidence that a multivitamin may help against certain types of cancer.

One review looked at five different studies involving people of both sexes and found that there was a 31% less risk of cancer risk for men who took a multivitamin, but there was no significant effect on women (9). Another similar study found that the long-term, daily use of a multivitamin reduced the risk of cancer in men who had no previous cancer history (10).

However, some other studies have had different results. One found that there was no difference in cancer risk for those who took a multivitamin (11).

Multivitamins for men can improve your eye health. As we age, our eyesight often takes a beating. Because of this, many multivitamins aim to help improve your eye health. Luckily, it appears that they do a pretty good job.

Studies have found that taking antioxidant vitamins, in particular, may slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration. Most multivitamins include antioxidants of some sort, especially supplements designed specifically for older people. With that said, it does not appear that the vitamins stop the disorder altogether or prevent it (12).

Multivitamins may be able to help with other eye diseases as well. For example, one study found that those who took a multivitamin had a lower risk of cataracts (13).

Multivitamins for men are inexpensive. For all the benefits they provide, multivitamins are very inexpensive. Most cost less than a dollar a day, but they can save you significant money in the long run. Cost should not be a problem when it comes to purchasing these supplements.

We included many budget options in our reviews section if you need something particularly inexpensive.

Multivitamins for men are easy to use. To get the full effect of these multivitamins, all you have to do is take them as directed. Many only require you to take on a pill or chew a day, though others may require two or three. This is a very small-time commitment, unlike most other healthy lifestyle changes.

Of course, multivitamins are not going to replace a healthy diet or regular exercise. However, they are a straightforward and inexpensive way to support an overall healthy lifestyle and can cover some nutritional gaps your usual diet might not cover.

Multivitamins for men may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Like many benefits, there is competing evidence for this risk deduction. Currently, the role of nutrition in cognitive decline is actively studied, so we’ll likely continue to get information on this topic.

One study looked at 4,000 different men over many years. Men who developed Alzheimer’s were statistically less likely to use multivitamins than those who did not experience a cognitive decline (14). This tells us that multivitamins may decrease the odds of you developing Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

However, other similar studies have not had the same effect. One randomized study found that there was no significant difference between men who took multivitamins and men who didn’t in regards to cognitive decline (15).

Side Effects

Multivitamins for men may cause you to overdose on specific vitamins and minerals. Multivitamins are not specifically tailored to your nutritional needs. Instead, they’re a one-size-fits-all approach that assumes you’re going to be lacking in certain nutrients. However, your diet may be far from average.

At the very least, this may mean that your diet still has some nutritional gaps after taking a multivitamin. However, it can also mean that you’re consuming too much of a particular vitamin or mineral, which can be potentially dangerous.

There are two main types of vitamins: water-soluble and fat-soluble. Water-soluble vitamins can easily be filtered out of your bloodstream and expelled through your urine if you take too much. But fat-soluble vitamins cannot be. There is no easy way for your body to get rid of them, so they just sit around and may potentially build up to dangerous levels.

The most common fat-soluble vitamins that can have a toxic effect of vitamins A and D. Vitamin A can cause a birth defect in pregnant women, though this isn’t something you have to worry about as a man (16).

Vitamin D deficiency is rare but dangerous. You probably aren’t going to take too much vitamin D from a multivitamin alone.

If you eat a healthy, nutrient-dense diet and take a multivitamin, you can easily exceed the recommended dosage on several vitamins and minerals. Too much iron can be dangerous, for example, if your body doesn’t have any need for it (17).

Multivitamins for men are notoriously tied to label fraud. Label fraud is where the nutritional label does not correctly list everything that is in the supplement. It may list things that aren’t in the supplement at all or list lower amounts for specific vitamins than what is actually in the supplement.

Sometimes, this is accidental. There may be a manufacturing error that causes there to be too high of a particular vitamin and mineral. Because these supplements are not regulated, they often don’t have to meet strict safety regulations. This means that they are more likely to experience errors while being produced.

Studies have found the faulty production of multivitamins can cause vitamin D overdose. For whatever reason, the multivitamin ends up containing way more vitamin D than it needs, which can make the user sick (18).

It is essential to only purchase your supplements from a safe company because of this. It is best not to cut corners and go for the cheaper option.

Multivitamins for men are not regulated. The FDA does not strictly regulate these supplements. While they are not allowed to include specific, dangerous materials or make potentially false claims, that is about all the regulations they have to meet. This means any supplement can call itself a “multivitamin” if it wants to, even if it doesn’t necessarily meet many of your daily nutritional requirements.

Furthermore, the labels don’t necessarily have to be correct. The supplement may contain more or less of the nutrients it states on the nutritional label. The FDA does not regulate it.

Recommended Dosage

Different multivitamins have different dosages. Some only need to be taken once a day, while others need to be taken multiple times each day. It depends on exactly what the supplement has in it as well as how bulky the pills are. Many companies will break up the dosage if their multivitamin is high in a variety of vitamins and minerals.

This prevents the pills from getting uncomfortable large. Furthermore, your body can only absorb so much of a nutrient at a time. It is almost always better to spread out the dosage throughout the day to ensure your body absorbs as much as possible. For this reason, we often prefer multivitamins that are spread throughout the day.

You should always follow the directions on the back of the multivitamin you purchase. It will tell you how often to take the multivitamin to achieve the amounts listed on the label. While most multivitamins are very safe, they do contain vitamins that you can overdose on if you take too much. Stick to the directions on the supplement bottle unless told otherwise by your doctor.


What is the best multivitamin for men?

We reviewed many different multivitamins for this article. Out of all those we reviewed, Ritual For Men 50+ came out on top. This multivitamin includes everything older men need to stay healthy. It supports your immune system, heart, muscles, and bones. If you’re an older man, we highly recommend this supplement to fill any gaps that may be apparent in your diet.

If you’re younger than 50, you may want to try Performance Lab Whole-Food Men’s Multi instead. This supplement is designed for men of all ages and covers some of the most common nutritional gaps. It is made to support your overall health, including your brain and immune system. If you’re just looking for a multivitamin to support your overall wellbeing, this is it.

Should I take a multivitamin for men?

It depends on your specific situation. Not everyone needs a multivitamin. If you already reach all your nutritional goals through a healthy diet, then a multivitamin isn’t going to do much for you. However, if your diet is less-than-healthy, then you probably need to support your diet with a multivitamin.

What brand makes the best multivitamin for men?

Out of all the multivitamin brands we’ve looked at, Ritual is by far the best. This company uses only the best ingredients around and ensures that they are incredibly bioavailable, which allows your body to take full advantage of the supplement. They do not use any artificial colorants or synthetic fillers in their vitamins and are also entirely non-GMO.

We particularly liked that you can trace each vitamin and mineral, so you can see exactly what is in each Ritual supplement.

Is it reasonable to take a multivitamin for men every day? 

It depends on your particular situation and what the multivitamin has in it. High-quality multivitamins focus on the most common nutritional gaps and leave out the excess nutrients. This allows your body to absorb what it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

However, low-quality multivitamins may not include the correct layout of nutrients and may include low-quality ingredients that may not be very bioavailable. As you might imagine, this multivitamin probably isn’t going to help you very much.

Furthermore, if you eat a healthy diet, you likely don’t have that many nutritional gaps. Because of this, you may find that multivitamins have way more in them than you need. Too many nutrients are not necessarily a good thing.

With that said, for those who have nutritional gaps, a high-quality supplement can help you avoid certain chronic diseases and help you feel better overall.

What vitamins should a multivitamin have in them?

If you’re looking for a personalized answer, it is going to depend on your diet. The only way to know what vitamins and minerals you need more of is to track your diet and compare it to the daily recommended intake for your demographic.

For most men, though, fish oil and zinc are two of the essential nutrients to ensure your multivitamin contains. Zinc helps with testosterone levels, and fish oil can protect your heart and prostate. Antioxidants are suitable for a variety of age-related diseases and can even protect your eyes.

Vitamin D is also essential, though it is harder to find in a multivitamin. Most people do not get enough vitamin D. Even if you spend lots of time outside, you may not be able to make vitamin D from sunlight for part of the year, depending on your location. The further from the equator you are, the more difficult it is for your body to make the right amount of vitamin D.

Do men’s multivitamins work?

Yes. They can help fill nutritional gaps, especially if they are high-quality. However, this doesn’t mean they’re a miracle pill – far from it. Multivitamins cannot prevent all chronic diseases, and they are not a replacement for a good diet and regular exercise. Their sole job is to help you meet your daily recommended intake for a variety of vitamins and minerals. This may or may not help you avoid certain diseases.

The research for many multivitamin benefits is mixed. Some have found that multivitamins can help protect you from Alzheimer’s and similar, age-related cognitive decline. However, other studies have not found any effect.

What do men’s multivitamins do?

Multivitamins include a variety of vitamins and minerals that are commonly missing from the average American male’s diet. They are designed to help you fill these nutritional gaps, which can help you avoid certain chronic diseases.

However, it is essential to note that multivitamins are not designed to help you avoid any disease in particular. Furthermore, the evidence on what disorders these multivitamins protect from is mixed. For every study that says taking a multivitamin will prevent disease, there is typically another study that says this supplement won’t help.

What are the three most important vitamins to look for in a multivitamin for men?

Zinc is likely the essential nutrient in a multivitamin for men. This mineral plays a significant role in testosterone production. We all know the problems that can occur if your testosterone runs too low, so it is crucial to support its production with zinc.

Vitamin D is also vital, but many people do not get enough of this vitamin. Unlike many other vitamins, you do not get this one solely from your food. Instead, your body needs to produce it from sunlight. However, depending on your location, your body may have a difficult time with this. The further away from the sun you get, the less sunlight your body can utilize to make vitamin D. It also varies with the seasons as well.

Vitamin D provides a host of benefits. Being deficient in vitamin D is often described as being similar to depression. Vitamin D deficiency is sometimes misdiagnosed as depression (19). Vitamin D is also crucial for your immune system – perhaps more so than vitamin C (20).

Antioxidants are an essential nutrient to take as well, especially if you’re older. These nutrients help protect your cells against damage, which is the most common cause of aging. In particular, they protect your cells against free radicals, which are found in UV exposure, air pollutants, tobacco smoke, and industrial chemicals (21).

Can multivitamins for men boost my immune system?

If your immune system is not currently working at 100% because of nutritional deficiencies, then a multivitamin may help it ramp back up to speed. However, a multivitamin is not going to push your immune system past 100% and won’t help unless you currently have a deficiency in a vitamin or mineral.

Nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin D are essential for your immune system. They’re your immune systems “fuel.” If your immune system doesn’t have enough fuel, it is not going to run as well as it could otherwise. However, it also won’t use more fuel than it needs. It can only work so well.

Can multivitamins for men cause liver damage?

Not in most cases. Multivitamins are usually not dense enough to cause liver damage. Even in high doses, most vitamins cannot harm the liver and have few adverse effects.

However, that isn’t to say that specific vitamins may affect some people’s livers, especially if you already have liver problems. In the large majority of cases, though, a multivitamin is not going to affect your liver at all.

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Multivitamins for men can help you cover specific nutritional gaps and prevent certain chronic diseases. In many cases, these supplements are not associated with any side effects, so there is very little reason not to take them.

We reviewed many different multivitamins for men while writing this article. In the end, a few stood out at the best you could purchase. For Fitbug’s #1 recommended multivitamin for men, click here.

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