Ranking the Best Fat Burners for Women of 2020

Fat burners for women are dietary supplements specifically designed for women that help you burn excess fat from your body. How they do this varies quite a bit, but many include ingredients like caffeine and yohimbine. The effectiveness of fat burners also varies quite a bit, which is why it is so important to choose a quality product.

To help you with this endeavor, we reviewed some of the best fat burners of 2020. Check out our reviews below:


1. LeanBean


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LeanBean is an all-natural weight loss pill for women that can help you burn excess fat. It contains natural thermogenics and minerals to give your metabolism an extra boost, allowing you to naturally burn fat easier.

It also contains a couple of other ingredients to help you lose weight, including appetite suppressants. For these reasons, it is FitBug’s #1 choice for fat burners for women.

2. PhenQ


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While PhenQ isn’t specifically for women, it is an excellent choice for many who need a fat burner. It is specifically designed to burn stored fat and block fat production, allowing you to lose weight much easier naturally.

Furthermore, it also contains ingredients to improve your overall mood and energy levels.

3. Nobi Nutrition Premium Fat Burner for Women

Nobi Nutrition Premium Fat Burner for Women

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This supplement by Nobi Nutrition is specially made to boost your metabolism thanks to its premium BHB carb blocker formula. It also boosts your energy and suppresses your appetite, encouraging your body to burn fat as fuel.

On top of all that, this supplement also supports your lean muscle, preventing muscle loss while you’re losing weight.

4. Vintage Burn Fat Burner

Vintage Burn Fat Burner

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This is a beautiful, all-around fat burner and weight loss pill. It is made with exclusive ingredients, such as green tea extract and raspberry ketones. It also contains zero artificial substances, synthetic additives, or preservatives.

This brand also offers a 100% guarantee, so you can get your money back if you don’t like the supplement for any reason.

5. Nobi Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner

Nobi Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner

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This supplement features a green tea formula to encourage weight loss. It is designed to boost your energy, support thermogenesis, and curb your appetite. All of these features combine to help you lose weight quickly and naturally.

This green tea fat burner also supports liver function, making it a great choice to take during a detox.

6. Nobi Nutrition Night Time Fat Burner

Nobi Nutrition Night Time Fat Burner

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Unlike many pills, these are designed to be used at night time. They naturally increase your metabolism overnight, leading to natural weight loss. They do not contain any harmful stimulants and will not interrupt your sleep.

They work by increasing your metabolism and reducing the number of nighttime cravings.

7. Spark by Califina

Spark by Califina

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This supplement has two purposes: to help you lose weight and to reduce bloat. It reduces water retention and bloating, so you should start seeing results right away.

It also combats cravings and keeps your metabolism running at full speed, allowing you to burn fat quickly and naturally with little effort.

8. Thermo XT

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

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This fat-burning supplement is designed for both men and women. It boosts your metabolism to help you burn more calories and includes a variety of powerful fat burners. Some customers also reported reduced cravings when on this supplement.

It can also enhance your mood, improve your focus, and increase energy, making weight loss much easy.

9. Lean Genes Fat Burner

RARI Nutrition Lean Genes

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With a unique formula, this fat burner can help you burn fat and preserve muscle, leading to that toned look you’re looking for! It is sustainable and made with only clean ingredients. It does not contain any harmful stimulants so that it won’t cause the jitters like other supplements.

It is made in GMP certified labs and is entirely vegan.

10. Genius Fat Burner

Genius Diet Pills

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While this fat burner isn’t explicitly designed for women, it does work for women quite well. It is designed to naturally boost your metabolism so that you can lose weight naturally.

It is made with scientifically-researched ingredients and can also boost your cognitive function. Some customers did report an improved mood, as well.

How We Ranked

While there are many things you have to keep in mind when choosing a fat burner for women, safety should be your #1 priority. Luckily, the vast majority of fat burners are safe. However, studies have found a few unsafe ingredients over the years.

Luckily, many of these ingredients are now banned in the USA and similar countries. If you’re purchasing pills online, though, you don’t know where the supplement is coming from. Because of this, it could be from a country where these unsafe ingredients aren’t banned. We highly recommend only purchasing supplements from trusted companies who have their factories in the USA or UK. This ensures that the supplements don’t contain any of these potentially harmful ingredients.

Secondly, the effectiveness should be on your mind, as well. Some supplements are going to work better than others. Some don’t include any scientifically-proven ingredients at all, while others include nothing but scientifically-proven ingredients. Those in the latter category are often going to work better than others.

You can look at the ingredient list and customer reviews to get a general feel for how effective a supplement is. However, you aren’t going to know until you try. Warranties and money-back guarantees are essential for this reason.

Thirdly, you should also consider the convenience of each pill. Some pills require you to take many different pills multiple times a day. If you already have a busy schedule, this can be hard to keep up with. Be sure to check the dosage instructions before you purchase the pill to verify that you are going to be able to take it as instructed.

Finally, we also kept the price in mind when choosing each supplement. Some supplements can be quite expensive without really providing any extra benefit. We did not include these supplements and instead focused on those that were a great value.


Fat burners for women are quick and easy. It does not take much time or effort to take a few pills every day. This is one of the main reasons many women prefer to take pills instead of so other weight-loss strategies, like exercising. Fat burner pills require little to no lifestyle changes, which is hugely beneficial in our modern world.

With that said, fat burners are not made to be used in the long-term. Because of this, you will need to change your lifestyle eventually, or you will quickly gain all your weight back. However, these supplements can provide the quick boost you need to start dropping the pounds.

Fat burners for women do contain scientifically-proven ingredients. A common apprehension surrounding fat burners is whether or not they work. While almost no fat burners have been tested in a clinical setting, many fat burning ingredients have. Many of these ingredients have been shown to work quite well.

For example, caffeine is one fat burning ingredient that is extremely common. It has also been clinically-proven to work. Studies have found that caffeine can boost your metabolism and help your body burn more fat (1). Some researchers have pinpointed that caffeine can boost your metabolism by up to 16% over one or two hours (2). This means that you’ll burn 16% more calories and fat than you would otherwise.

In lean people, caffeine might also work to increase the amount of fat your body burns (3). This happens to some extent to those who are overweight as well.

Green tea extract is another prevalent ingredient. Some supplements contain only green tea extract. This is simply a concentrated form of green tea. It is rich in caffeine, which we have already discussed, as well as other ingredients that can help you burn fat as well. EGCG has been shown to increase your metabolism, for example (4).

Furthermore, green tea extract and caffeine can team up to produce a process known as thermogenesis, which is just where your body burns calories to create heat (5). For this reason, many supplements will include both of these ingredients.

Yohimbine is a widespread ingredient as well, though it helps you burn fat in a very different way than other ingredients. It works by blocking receptors called alpha-2 adrenergic receptors. These receptors usually bind to adrenaline and suppress its effects. Because this ingredient blocks these receptors, your body will use adrenaline for longer, which will help you burn more fat.

Studies have shown that this does work, even among athletes that are already lean (6). On average, users lost 2.2% of their body weight in 3 weeks. This was among those that were already fit, though, so you might lose more if you are overweight.

Fat burners for women can be used by almost everyone. Unlike other weight-loss strategies, fat burners can be used by almost everyone. They do not require tons of prep as some diet plans do, and you will not need to get up extremely easy to work out. They fit within the modern lifestyle very quickly and do not often interfere with medications. They have very few side effects as well, as long as you use them safely.

Those who are obese might find fat burners particularly accessible, especially if they have mobility difficulties. These pills do not require hours standing over a stove cooking to extensive exercise, which some obese people can find challenging.

They are also very inexpensive, so you should be able to afford them at nearly any income level. This is not true of many diet plans or exercise regimens.

With that said, there are a few people who shouldn’t take fat burners. This includes people who are already at a healthy weight since fat burners can make you drop too much weight. Some ingredients can also interfere with medications or make certain diseases worse. This varies from ingredient to ingredient, but many can increase anxiety and worsen heart disorders.

Fat burners for women can be easily combined with other weight-loss strategies. You can’t try two different diets at once and probably shouldn’t combine two different exercise regimens. However, you can combine fat burners with nearly any other weight loss strategy. They work very well when paired with exercise or dietary changes.

Pairing them with these other lifestyle changes is also useful to help keep the weight off afterward. You cannot take fat burners for forever, which is why many people have difficulties keeping the weight off that they do lose. However, if you pair these supplements with other weight-loss strategies, your ability to keep the weight off will be much higher.

Fat burners for women are effective. There have been many studies on the effectiveness of various weight loss methods. One particular study found that most of those who tried to lose weight did lose weight on at least the short term (7). This includes those who take fat burner supplements and similar diet pills. Because of this study, we do know that the average fat burner does work and will help you lose weight.

With that said, the study also found that many people have difficulty keeping the weight off. Fat burners might be able to help in this regard. However, they are not designed to be used in the long-term, and you will likely need to pair them with a different weight-loss method as well to get around this.

Side Effects

Fat burners for women can produce side effects. Depending on the ingredients involved, some fat burners can create side effects. These vary from person to person and often occur because of an underlying condition. In many cases, these supplements won’t cause disorders themselves, but they can make a disorder worse if it is already there.

The most common side effects are things like jitters. This is because the vast majority of fat burners contain some sort of stimulant, which some people react quite negatively to. In many cases, your everyday use of stimulants will play a role in whether or not you develop any side effects (8).

Other, more severe side effects can also crop up, however. Yohimbine, which is a common ingredient in fat burners, works by increasing your adrenaline levels. This causes side effects like nausea, anxiety, panic attacks, and high blood pressure (9). If you’re already having difficulty with one of these problems, some supplements might make it worse.

Fat burners for women can interact with conventional medications. Some ingredients can interact with common medications that are used to treat blood pressure and depression (10). This is most common in supplements that contain yohimbine. This ingredient is notorious at causing high blood pressure and anxiety problems because it increases the length of time adrenaline is active.

Other interactions can happen, as well. Because of this, it is essential to check with your doctor before starting a new supplement. Be sure to read the ingredient lists carefully as well.

Fat burners for women can be misused. These supplements are made to be used for overweight women who need a little boost to get healthy. However, there are many instances were these pills can be misused, which can cause health problems.

One study found that over a quarter of women using some sort of diet supplement are a healthy BMI. This means that they really shouldn’t be taking the supplement at all (11). There are even some instances of underweight women using these fat burner pills.

Those with eating disorders are also more prone to using far burner pills than the general population. This is particularly true for women (12). Fat burner pills are not going to make you develop an eating disorder. However, those who do have eating disorders are more likely to try fat burner pills to lower their weight.

Fat burners for women can cause health problems. There have been a few health complications tied to fat burners. For example, liver injury has been reported by a few users. There does not seem to be an association between liver injuries and a single ingredient. In many cases, other causes of liver injury have been ruled out, making fat burners the likely cause (13).

In some cases, esophageal ulcers also develop, though these are also associated with other pills as well. Antibiotics are the #1 cause of these ulcers (14).

Recommended Dosage

In general, you should always follow the dosage instructions on the back of your product’s package. All will include dosage instructions of some sort. If you are taking a fat burner under the supervision of your doctor, you should follow their dosage instructions.

However, some dosage limits should be adhered to with certain ingredients. Fat burners are not heavily regulated and, therefore, some lower-quality burners might have incorrect dosage instructions. Here are some higher dosage limits you should be aware of for the most common fat burner ingredients:

The more caffeine you take, the higher the likelihood that you will experience side effects. Most of these side effects are not severe and occur only on an acute basis, which means they won’t cause long-term problems. However, overdoses on caffeine do happen – often through the use of medications. It is simply too challenging to get enough caffeine to overdose through dietary sources alone.

The top maximum amount of caffeine you should get in a day is 5 grams (15). For some perspective, the average cup of coffee has about 100 mg in it. There is 1000 mg in a gram, so you would need to drink 100 cups of coffee in a day to reach this limit.

Green tea extract has not been heavily studied, and therefore there is not much information about the upper limit you should stay under. Because of this, we can assume it is likely pretty high. If it were lower, more people would have overdosed, and we would have discovered the upper limit already.

With that said, green tea extract can interfere with several drugs and make them not work (16). If you are on life-supporting medication, this is something to keep in mind.

Yohimbine is extremely hard to overdose on. The management of choice in the case of an overdose is simple observation – in nearly all cases, only minor effects are reported. One man reportedly took 100, 2 mg tablets, and only experienced a brief episode of tachycardia, hypertension, and anxiety (17).


What are the best fat burners?

The best fat burner out of all those we reviewed is LeanBean. It is made with a safe blend of ingredients to encourage thermogenesis, which means it will encourage your body to produce more heat using calories. This makes your body burn through calories faster while resting than it would otherwise.

Furthermore, this supplement also decreases your appetite using a beneficial form of fiber and can boost your energy and focus. It contains a unique blend of vitamins that are designed to keep you healthy while you lose weight.

Are fat burners dangerous?

The vast majority of fat burners are not dangerous. Most are made using completely safe ingredients that encourage your body to burn more fat while at rest, which helps you lose weight faster. Scientific studies have shown that many of these supplements are absolutely to take at the usual dose.

However, there are some instances of fat burners being dangerous. They can cause some side effects and interact with a particular medication. The safety of a fat burner depends on the ingredients it has in it. Some are so safe that you likely couldn’t overdose, while others are tied to severe side effects.

Fat burners do not need to be approved by the FDA, which means they also aren’t strictly regulated. There have been some cases of fat burners being pulled from the market because they contained harmful ingredients (18). Similarly, some have been contaminated with ingredients that cause serious side effects and even death in some instances (19).

What are the side effects of fat burners?

The side effects a fat burner produces depends mostly on the ingredients it contains. The most common side effects include things like a fast heart rate, increased awareness, high blood pressure, and anxiety. This is because most contain some stimulants, which some people can react to negatively. If you get the jitters from drinking a cup of coffee, you may want to pick a fat burner without a stimulant in it.

What are the best natural fat burners?

We preferred LeanBean out of all the fat burners we reviewed. It contains a carefully-crafted blend of thermogenics to make your body produce more heat while resting, which increases the number of calories you burn. Furthermore, it also includes a variety of minerals that can help support your metabolism and make you burn calories more effectively.

On top of this, it also curbs your appetite through the use of a very effective appetite suppressant and can boost your energy and focus.

Can fat burners for women help me lose tummy fat fast?

Fat burners are made to be used in the short term, which is helpful when you want to drop your weight quickly. However, it is impossible to narrow down where you want to lose your weight from. Instead, you will probably lose your fat from all over your body, including your stomach.

Fat burners do work quickly, but it will often still take months before you reach your goal weight. Fat loss is a long-term endeavor, no matter what you take.

What is the best fat burner for belly fat?

It is impossible to zone in on one part of your body while losing weight. Genetics plays a crucial role in where we gain weight first and where we lose it last. All fat burners are going to take fat from the same places. If you have stubborn belly fat, your best bet is to get down to a healthy weight. If you don’t have much fat on your body, to begin with, you aren’t going to have much stomach fat.

With that said, you might want to investigate whether or not your belly fat is just bloating, which is a common reason our bellies can look a bit bigger than others. Some people bloat more quickly than others and have a difficult time un-bloating. Certain disorders that affect the gut can make you look bloated. If you think you’re just bloated, have a chat with your doctor.

Do fat burners work?

Some fat burners do work. Scientific studies have shown that certain ingredients can speed up our metabolism or otherwise encourage our body to lose more weight. Of course, for a fat burner to work, it needs to include these active ingredients. Often, they will include at least a few of these ingredients. However, more is often merrier in this case.

Are there any FDA approved fat burners?

No. The FDA does not regulate fat burners at all, so there are no FDA approved fat burners on the market. Some ingredients are banned by the FDA for use in fat burners, but all supplements made in the USA will not include these ingredients.

Can fat burners make you gain weight?

There are no common ingredients used in fat burners that can make you lose weight. Some powders with calories in them can make you gain weight if you take too much of them. However, most fat burners out there are in a pill or drop form, so they only contain very few calories.

If you’re trying to lose weight and suddenly find that you have gained weight, it is likely for another reason – not because of your fat burner. It is common for people to gain weight when they suddenly start working out. Your body will try to prepare for the future workout by hoarding calories. This usually stops after a few weeks, however. Water retention and bloating are both other common reasons for weight gain.

Do fat burners work without exercise?

Many of them do. Of course, all of them work better when you exercise, but many work by speeding up your metabolism, which is going to happen whether you’re exercising or not. Technically, fat burners will work no matter how much you move or how much you’re eating. However, you might be disappointed by the numbers on the scale if you’re only using fat burners.

Furthermore, fat burners are not made to be used long-term. They should only be used by those who are overweight or obese. Once you reach a healthy weight, you will need to stop using them. If you have not made other lifestyle changes, you will likely regain all the weight you just lost. Because of this, it is in your best interest to use fat burners alongside other weight loss strategies.

What pills make you lose belly fat?

No pill is going to make you only lose belly fat. However, when you lose any weight, the odds are that you’re using at least some fat around your stomach as well. For this reason, any fat burner pill that works is going to help you lose belly fat. You are not going to lose only belly fat, but you will lose at least some.

Do green tea fat burners work?

Various studies have found that green tea fat burners do work. As we discussed in our benefits section, green tea extract is just a concentrated form of green tea. It contains caffeine and EGCG. Both of these components have been shown to help you lose weight. They also can help you burn fat through a process called thermogenesis, which is where your body uses calories to produce heat. One study found that users who were on a green tea extract lost 16% more weight than those who were taking a placebo (20).

Can fat burner pills make you lose belly fat?

Yes. Anything that helps you lose weight can help you lose belly fat. Of course, you aren’t only going to lose belly fat and what percentage of belly fat you’ll lose depends mostly on your genetics. Still, by losing weight, you will lose some of the pounds around your belly.

Should you take fat burners?

It depends on your specific situation. These pills are useful to boost your weight loss. While they do work by themselves, they are best when paired with diet and exercise. They are not suitable for long-term use, and you should only use them if you are overweight or obese. If you have a healthy BMI, they are not for you. They can also interfere with certain medications and make certain diseases worse, so be sure to talk to your doctor if you have any questions.

Are Thermogenics worth it?

There is evidence that thermogenics can help you lose weight. However, the effect is not massive. They work best when paired with diet and exercise. They are not a magic pill solution, but they can be helpful.

Do fat burners cause diarrhea?

They can, in some cases. Usually, this is because they contain a lot of caffeine, which is known to cause short-term stomach problems. If you usually get diarrhea from coffee, you will probably get it from fat burners as well. Some other ingredients can cause stomach problems as well. This isn’t necessarily true for all people, as it mostly relies on your genetics and tolerance to the ingredients.

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Fat burners for women can jumpstart your metabolism to burn fat naturally with little effort on your part. While they do work by themselves, they work best when paired with other sorts of weight-loss strategies like exercise and diet. Many are extremely safe when taken correctly.

For Fitbug’s #1 fat burner for women, click here.

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