Ranking The Best Blood Pressure Monitors Of 2020

Blood pressure monitors are sophisticated machines that measure and monitor your blood pressure as well as other vital metrics. Blood pressure is an important health marker and keeping it in check can save you thousands of dollars in health bills, as well as prevent some debilitating diseases.

Below you’ll find our top choices of blood pressure monitors, the benefits and the most common frequently asked questions to guide you.


1. Etekcity Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Etekcity Blood Pressure Monitor is our number 1 pick of 2020 and is a great digital blood pressure monitor that will accurately and quickly help you determine your blood pressure. It’s made of high quality materials and comes with some exciting features, including voice control and USB Charging. 

It comes with a decent memory size, allowing two people to store up to 90 results at a time, which is imperative for proper health analysis. Blood pressure results vary on different days and occasions, so tracking it allows us to get the best picture of what is really going on. The monitor comes with a lithium ion battery pack, which is exceptionally durable and long-lasting.

If you’re serious about taking control of your health, the Etekcity Blood Pressure Monitor is your best bet. It will be almost impossible to find a simpler, more accurate digital blood pressure monitor on the market. 

2. FITFORT Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure HR Monitor

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The FitFort Tracker and blood pressure monitor is waterproof and purposefully made for active people. It comes with a variety of features beyond just blood pressure monitoring, including step counting and sleep quality analysis. Together with its pulse and blood pressure monitor, the FitFort tracker gives a complete picture of your overall health.

The FitFort Tracker and blood pressure monitor is also engineered with a high-quality long lasting battery and a shatterproof design, allowing it to handle even the most intense workouts.    

3. HEM-432C

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HEM is a professional firm that works in manufacturing hospital-grade equipment and their HEM-432C is a manual blood pressure monitor of the highest quality. After manually pumping up the high-quality nylon cuff, the electronic reader will give you an accurate blood pressure reading. It comes with a large, digital screen that provides easy to read numbers so data is not misinterpreted.

The HEM-432C blood pressure monitor is very sturdy and simple, making it perfect for older adults. You will not find fancy designs, software or buttons, but everything that it does, it does exceptionally well.

4. Accura Plus Blood Pressure Cuff and Stethoscope Kit

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The Accura Plus Blood Pressure Cuff is an analog blood pressure monitor with an old style stethoscope the excels in its simplicity. Since it has no electronic parts, it does not need charging or battery, making it very portable. The valve that comes with this product is also very sturdy, and zinc plated for further durability.

The Accura Plus Blood Pressure Cuff also comes with a lifetime warranty so if there are any issues.

5. Santamedical SM-150 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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The Santamedical SM-150 is a fingertip mounted pulse meter, which allows you to measure your heart rate and blood pressure without the exceptionally tight cuff. It operates exceptionally fast and provides very accurate readings. The measurements do not end at the pulse and blood pressure, because this machine also works to measure SpO2 blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels. Essentially this means that the monitor tracks the red blood cell molecules in the arteries, all of which are saturated with oxygen.

The high quality LED display is very large, allowing even the most visually impaired users to see their results without any issues. The inner chamber of the fingertip monitor is made out of high-quality silicone, and is completely latex-free, making it safe for this with an allergy.

6. AOE Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Calories, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor

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The AOE fitness tracker is an all-in-one health accessory that tracks your heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, distance walked, steps taken, and even your sleep. This allows for a complete picture of the current status of your health, instead of just one point of view, that many others provide.

The AOE fitness tracker is made out of high-quality plastic, and comes with a beautiful and sturdy LCD screen. It also comes with a USB charger and a very high-quality lithium-ion battery, that provides rapid charging and a long lasting battery life.

7. White Coat Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer

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This machine is yet another analog and manual blood pressure monitor that’s from White Coat, a renowned firm in personal medical equipment. The White Coat Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is very sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and, most importantly, accurate. This machine comes with a sturdy stethoscope, carrying case for mobility, and a high-quality gauge manometer.

The cuff is made out of comfortable nylon material, and the tubing is made out of superb PVC material.

8. MOCACuff Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

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The MOCACuff Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor uses modern technology to measure your pulse and blood pressure while transferring all your data to your smartphone. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and will guide you with various health and lifestyle tips based on your current blood pressure.

The MOCACuff Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor can store up to 99 different readings, and even more on your phone. It also comes with a beautiful carrying case, making it ideal for people who like to travel. 

9. Greater Goods Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff

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The Greater Goods Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff is another device that connects to your phone, and allows you to monitor your blood pressure trends through a comfortable, lightweight machine. The device is sturdy and of high quality design providing accurate readings in a matter of minutes. 

You can connect it to your phone via a Greater Goods app, which will allow you to store your readings, monitor your trends, and provide important health maintenance tips. It can also sync the the Apple Health app to further enhance your overall health picture. If you’re someone who likes accuracy, especially when your health is concerned, you’re going to want this device.

10. Tovendor Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

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If you’re looking for a sturdy, functional, all-around blood pressure monitor, the Tovendor is a great option. It’s a blood pressure monitor that has impeccable accuracy, picking up on even the smallest anomalies in your pulse. It even has one-touch inflection, allowing you to ditch the manual pump altogether. The cuff monitor will inflate itself up to the required amount, and then automatically deflate when the reading is done. 

It comes with a quality backlit LCD and a very long battery life, allowing the machine to operate smoothly for hours on end.

How We Ranked

With blood pressure monitors, there are 2 main types: analog and digital. Analog blood pressure monitors, like the White Coat Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, ranked highly because they provided more accurate readings. However, they tended to be more difficult to use, which is why they didn’t take top spot.

Digital blood pressure monitors like the Etekcity Blood Pressure Monitor, were rewarded for their speed an accuracy. Furthermore, the ability to sync with your smartphone and store information was praised since it gave you a better long term picture of your blood pressure, instead of a one-off reading.

Another item on your checklist was added features. Blood pressure monitors like the AOE Fitness Tracker and the FITFORT Fitness Tracker provided a broader health picture by including tracking beyond blood pressure monitoring, including sleep analysis, step counting, and heart rate. The Santamedical SM-150 fingertip mounted pulse meter also measured SpO2 blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels, which is why it ranked in the top 5 on our list.

While smart app syncing was convenient, we’ve seen lots of issues wth data being skewed, so we decided to stay away from that stuff for the most part. We also preferred machines that included a proper arm cuff, unlike the more convenient wrist cuff. This is because arm cuffs tend to be much more accurate, which is very important when taking blood pressure. The last thing we wanted was for you to have a skewed result that provided unnecessary stress.

We also rewarded products that included an automatic take there measurement system. Blood pressure changes by the minute so products that included an automatic, triple measurement system ranked higher as they provided more accuracy over single measurement options.


Blood pressure monitors can help you predetermine possible illnesses. Blood pressure is very volatile, that can change depending on a variety of situations including the placement of the cuff, stress levels, food, sleep quality, recent exercise habits and even the time of the day.

Chronic high blood pressure can lead to a variety of somewhat preventable diseases including stroke and heart attacks and  frequent blood pressure monitoring can help an individual predetermine possible illnesses and solve them before they even occur (1).

Blood pressure monitors can help you detect atrial fibrillation. Atrial fibrillation is a danger that not many people realize might affect them. It’s a quivering or irregular heartbeat that hides behind a normal blood pressure and pulse, which can lead to illnesses such as blood clots, heart failure, and other heat-related diseases.

Thankfully, if it’s found early it can be treated and high-quality blood pressure monitors, such as the ones featured on the list above, can help undercover this (2).

Blood pressure monitors can help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Most people in the world silently suffer slightly higher or lower blood pressure, courtesy of our modern lifestyles and diets.

High blood pressure is a silent killer and can significantly derail your health by causing a wide array of illnesses including heart attacks and strokes. Monitoring your blood pressure frequently can help you determine and report any irregularities that might cause issues (3).

Blood pressure monitors can you stay healthy. Blood pressure doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, but it should be monitored closely. Monitoring your blood pressure and keeping a journal of your trends can have a lot of benefits for your health, as well as give you a birds eye view of what’s going on.

Having high blood pressure isn’t always dangerous, but if something is causing it regularly, keeping a journal will help you treat it before it causes any permanent damage.

Blood pressure monitors can help you lead an active lifestyle. Living an active lifestyle isn’t only for people who are fitness buffs, it’s for everyone looking to have good health. Furthermore, any exercise is good exercise and can improve your health, blood pressure, weight, muscle mass, and mood. Blood pressure monitors are a great to motivate you to live a more active lifestyle.

Other more sophisticated monitors like fitness trackers can even help to track our sleep, steps, and calories burned, giving you a better overall health picture.

Blood pressure monitors can improve your sleep quality. Numerous different studies have directly linked irregularities within your blood pressure with sleep issues (4).

Whether these issues are based on falling asleep, short sleep cycles, or restless nights, most of these issues can be caused by blood pressure irregularities. Monitoring your blood pressure can be a great way to tell if poor blood pressure is causing sleep issues and the steps you need to take to address this.

Blood pressure monitors can help reduce stress in your life. Stress is known as the on the the deadliest killers and unfortunately we place ourselves under a significant amount of it daily. Blood pressure monitors can help you track what’s going on in your health and allow you to create a plan of attack to combat excessive stress.

Blood pressure monitors can increase the duration and quality of your life. Monitoring your blood pressure can not only help you predetermine diseases, but it can help you lead a healthier lifestyle (5).

Sometimes, you might not even know your blood pressure is irregular so monitoring it will allow you to determine its state, and prevent any unnecessary complications, which can lead to a longer life. 

Side Effects

Blood pressure monitors can cause unnecessary anxiety. Blood pressure fluctuates on an hourly basis and having a high reading can cause unnecessary stress in certain persons, if there’s one bad reading. This stress can often be much more damaging that a single bad reading and actually lead to chronic high blood pressure down the line, among other issues.

Blood pressure monitors may not be 100% accurate. Unfortunately, even with the best technology, at-home blood pressure monitors may not be 100% accurate (6). A professional heart rate and pulse monitor machine is a costly and sophisticated machine that can tell your heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure down to the smallest possible irregularity.

At-home kits aren’t this accurate, with analog or manual devices being more reliable than their electronic counterparts. If you’ve picked up on any possible irregularities in your blood pressure, you should never assume anything. If you have any issues with your blood pressure, you should always consult a doctor to see what can be done about your problem. Several health issues can be attributed to irregular blood pressure, but they can have a lot of different causes.

Blood pressure will change over the day, making some readings inaccurate. Blood pressure is a highly volatile thing and is subject to change for a variety of reasons including the time of day, exercise levels, stress levels, and even the amount of food in your system (7, 8).

If you’ve noticed a trend in your blood pressure, you should always consult a professional to get to the bottom of your issue. Keeping a journal on your blood pressure trends is a great thing, and can help your doctor asses your condition with more accuracy. 

Recommended Dosage

High blood pressure is a common thing in most adults and while most of the time, it’s nothing to worry about, active and persistent irregularities can be cause for concern. First, if you are going to monitor your blood pressure every day, preferably do it at the same time, under similar circumstances. Don’t monitor your blood pressure after particularly straining activities, such as labor or fitness, or you might get inaccurate results. Stress can also cause a spike in your blood pressure and, in turn, give you unpredictable results — which ironically causes more of a spike in blood pressure.

There is also no need for you to monitor your blood pressure more than once a day. There are a lot of sophisticated sensors in every heart rate and blood pressure monitoring machine, and overusing the machine can lead to erroneous results. If you’re feeling ill and you think something is wrong, by all means, follow it more frequently, but more isn’t always better here.

Another thing to note is that you should take all your readings with a grain of salt. Even the world’s best at home blood pressure monitor is no where near the quality of a hospital grade one and can give inaccurate readings.


Which type of blood pressure monitor is the best? There are two main types of at-home blood pressure monitors and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The analog blood pressure monitor comes with a stethoscope and is more complicated to use compared to its digital counterpart. The digital and electronic blood pressure monitors are far more user-friendly and convenient. Some can even keep journals for you and connect to your phone. This will allow you to track your blood pressure better and give your doctor a more accurate picture of your blood pressure trends. Regarding accuracy, analog monitors tend to be more accurate than digital. 

Why is my blood pressure monitor giving inaccurate readings? There are a couple of different reasons that your blood pressure monitor can give inaccurate readings. Digital monitors tend to be slightly inaccurate to begin with, but if the battery is low or the electrical system is faulty, then readings can dramatically be skewed.

Analog blood pressure monitors tend to be more accurate and less faulty, but they are complicated to use so often it’s a human error that causes the data irregularities. If you see very irregular numbers one time, it may be a mistake. If it is constantly off, then the machine may be faulty. However, to be safe, you should consult a medical professional.

How do I use my brand new blood pressure monitor? This answer also depends on the type of blood pressure monitor you have. If you have a digital blood pressure monitor, you should either place it on your forearm (near the wrist) or upper biceps.

If you own a fitness band, the blood pressure monitoring will occur automatically, as long as you wear it on your wrist. The fingertip blood pressure monitor should be placed on the index finger of your left hand. Blood pressure monitors should generally be placed on the left side of your body, as your heart is located within the left side of your chest cavity. You should always read the manual of any blood pressure monitor you receive to make sure you’re getting the best readings possible.

Do blood pressure monitors show our pulse as well? All of the blood pressure monitors on this list measure your pulse as well as your blood pressure. Your vibration is a form of blood pressure, called diastolic blood pressure. Both are directly related on regular occasions, but doing the math behind it is reserved for manual blood pressure monitors. Digital blood pressure monitors do all your calculations for you, giving you both pieces of data at the same time. 

How much should I pump my manual blood pressure monitor? Your manual blood pressure monitor or aneroid blood pressure monitor is a combination of a cuff, pump, manometer, and stethoscope. Measuring your blood pressure with this method is a process explained within the manual of every kit. You should pump the cuff rapidly 30 points above your normal systolic pressure, and let it fall 2 millimeters before taking your reading. 

Why is my blood pressure high? There can be a lot of different reasons for blood pressure, such as pre-existing illnesses, stress, lack of quality sleep, irregular or bad dietary habits, lack of physical activity, obesity, gender, age, smoking or vaping and genetics. Blood pressure can also fluctuate based on the time of day, with it usually being higher in the afternoon.

How do I keep a blood pressure journal? Keeping your blood pressure in check is a great thing and can help your doctor give a more accurate diagnosis. If you’re using a digital blood pressure monitor, it most likely has the journal feature embedded within the programming.

If your electronic blood pressure monitor doesn’t have an integrated journal feature or you’re using a large monitor, it’s important to keep a diary, since your pressure can fluctuate dramatically. In your journal, you should write down the days, the times and the blood pressure score.

How long will my blood pressure monitor work properly? A standard blood pressure monitor has a service life of about 2-3 years. If you’re the proud owner of a more high-quality piece of equipment, it might even last longer. If you own an analog blood pressure monitor, its life expectancy is virtually limitless. Unless any piece of equipment is broken, it should last a good ten years without any issues. If you have an issue or suspect that your blood pressure machine is malfunctioning, take it to your doctor to check if the readings are correct.

Which food and drinks can increase your blood pressure? Various food and beverages can increase your blood pressure including energy drinks, coffee, fast food, salty foods, some fish, alcohol and takeout food high in sodium. If you have naturally high blood pressure, you should steer clear of these foods.

Which foods and drinks decrease my blood pressure? Some foods can also help you reduce your blood pressure and help maintain your heart health. Some of these foods include eggs, bananas, kiwis, beets, cinnamon, kombucha, leafy greens and dark chocolate.

What time of day is blood pressure highest? Blood pressure is typically the lowest at night during sleep. 

When does your blood pressure rise? A few hours before you wake up is when your blood pressure begins to rise. It continues to rise throughout the day, peaking around mid-afternoon and slowly falling after that. It will hit its lowest point during sleep.  

How often should I check my blood pressure if I have hypertension? If you have hypertension under control, you can check it one to two times per year at your doctor’s office.

Is 150/90 good blood pressure? In general, blood pressure around 120/80 is considered normal. Anything higher is considered hypertension. However, blood pressure tends to rise with age, so a blood pressure of 150/90 for a 60-year-old is reasonable, but for someone under 30 would be considered high. 

Can anxiety cause high blood pressure? Anxiety can cause temporary spikes in blood pressure, but shouldn’t cause long term consistent high blood pressure. 

What is the most popular medication for high blood pressure? For treating high blood pressure, diuretics are a popular drug of choice, and they work by helping the kidneys get rid of excess water and salt. 

What is normal blood pressure by age? The American College of Cardiology recommends that you have a blood pressure of 140/90 or less. However, it has been said that anything over 120/80 is treading into dangerous waters, especially if you are young.  

Which arm should you use to measure blood pressure? Because your heart is on the left side of your body, it’s best to take blood pressure from the left arm, if possible. Before taking your blood pressure, rest for 5-10 minutes, and make sure you are calm. 

Does caffeine raise blood pressure? Yes, caffeine can cause a temporary rise in blood pressure. While it’s not confirmed, it’s believed that caffeine blocks certain hormones that help keep the arteries wide, thus causing a rise in pressure. 

Can a tight blood pressure cuff cause an abnormal reading? Yes, a blood pressure cuff that is either too small or large will give false readings. 

What level of blood pressure is considered dangerous? A blood pressure of 180/120 or higher is considered extreme and can damage blood vessels, possibly leading to strokes or a heart attack.  

Can lack of sleep cause high blood pressure? One night of bad sleep will not permanently affect blood pressure. However, over time, poor sleep patterns can lead to excess stress hormones, which can negatively influence blood pressure. 

Can a hot bath shower lower your blood pressure? Yes, it has long been known that taking a hot bath or shower can lower blood pressure. 

Can garlic lower blood pressure? Yes, garlic may lower blood pressure. Garlic is a well known nitric oxide producer that can help blood vessels dilate and possibly reduce blood pressure. 

What is the first drug of choice for hypertension? Beta-adrenergic blockers and thiazide-type diuretics are first-line drug treatments for hypertension.

Is blood pressure higher in the morning? Yes, blood pressure is higher in the morning (around 6 am) due to hormones such as adrenaline. It will continue to rise until about mid-afternoon when it starts to fall.

Does your blood pressure get higher as you age? Yes, your blood pressure tends to increase as you age, mainly due to less flexibility in the arteries. 

What is the best blood pressure? The ideal blood pressure is between 90/60 and 120/80. 

What’s a more important blood pressure number, systolic or diastolic? Based on research, it has been determined that the top number (systolic) is more important in regards to determining health risks than the bottom diastolic number. For example, having a blood pressure of 140/90 is riskier than having a blood pressure of 130/90. However, some studies note that in younger people, diastolic blood pressure is more important in regards to determining the risk of adverse health effects. 

What is systolic pressure? Systolic pressure is the top number or highest blood pressure when the heart is squeezing and pushing the blood around the body

What is diastolic pressure? Diastolic pressure is the bottom number or lowest blood pressure between heartbeats

Can you feel high blood pressure? Unfortunately, it is very rare to feel high blood pressure, which is why it’s known as the silent killer. 

Is the old saying, your blood pressure be 100 plus your age, accurate? No, this saying is certainly not accurate. Ideally, at any age, you would like your heart rate to be as close to 120/80 as possible. 

Can high blood pressure give you headaches? Normally, there are no symptoms associated with high blood pressure, including headaches.

What tests should you get done if you have high blood pressure? If you suffer from high blood pressure, doctors may recommend that you get an ECG test done. An ECG test is a recording of the electrical activity of your heart and helps to determine how healthy your heart is. You may also be asked to provide a urine and blood sample to look at other markers to view the scope of the high blood pressure damage.

Is chronic high blood pressure bad? Chronic high blood pressure can lead to strokes, heart attack, kidney failure and even death. As such, it’s imperative to keep your blood pressure in check, and high quality blood pressure monitors are an easy and affordable way to do just that.

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Blood pressure monitors are wonderful machines that help to monitor your blood pressure and determine your current state of health. Some go even as far as monitoring pulse levels, calories, sleep quality and SpO2 blood oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin levels.

Blood pressure machines come in two main forms: manual and digital. While digital seems to be preferred for its speed and ease of use, analog reigns king in providing near perfect readings every time. Long term, high blood pressure can lead to many depilating diseases, and even an early death – so it’s imperative to keep it in check and monitor it.

Blood pressure is quite fickle and changes often from the slightest stimulus, like walking, food, stress and even ice cream. As such, it’s important to take your readings with a grain of salt, because it may not be completely accurate. The best thing to do is to take your blood pressure at the same time everyday, under similar circumstances, and make a journal. Overtime you will see a pattern that will better guide you towards the necessary steps.

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