Ranking The Best Battle Ropes Of 2020

Battle ropes, also known as heavy ropes or battling ropes, are a revolutionary training aid that athletes, MMA fighters, and fitness enthusiasts use to pack on lean mass and reach their fitness goals. In addition to being fun to use, they work by creating simultaneous contractions in the torso, targeting your core.

For instance, the waving technique is the most basic battle rope technique, which works every muscle from your hip to your fingers. In this article, we’ll explore the best battle ropes, their features, benefits, and how to use them for maximum effectiveness.


1. Bonnlo Battle Exercise Training Rope

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Boonlo Battle Exercise Training Rope is the best fitness undulation rope for performing cross strength training and circuit workouts. It comes with protective nylon covering that protects it from getting frayed due to friction. Its high quality quoted grips provide utmost grip protectio and make this battle rope extremely durable.

Whether you are working on undulation or climbing exercises, this rope can withstand it all. For these reasons, it’s our #1 recommended battle rope.


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Power Guidance Battle Rope is a highly durable battle rope, made up of 100% Dacron. With heat shrink handles for grip, it will never slip off while exercising. The best feature of the rope is that it is covered with nylon sleeves to protect you from friction injuries.

It also comes in three different sizes, depending on your training level.

3. REP FITNESS V2 Battle Rope

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Rep Fitness V2 Battle Rope advanced design lets you perform an exceptional range of motions with the utmost flexibility. It comes in two different thicknesses and 3 lengths.

Its protective tubular nylon sleeve keeps the rope from fraying. Made up of poly dacron blend and featuring 3 twisted ropes, this battle rope also contains non-slip grip for easy exercising.

4. Comie Poly Dacron

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Comie Poly Dacron is a super-strong, water-resistant rope that’s made of 100% poly Dacron. The oxford 600D waterproof sleeve also protects the rope from fraying.

The rope is perfect for both indoor and outdoor training.

5. SUPER DEAL Battle Rope

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Super Deal Battle Rope is an ultimate tool for toning your core muscles and building resistance. This three-strand and extra-thick rope is made from a polyester blend that provides very high tensile strength.

The rope is highly flexible in design, and can be carried efficiently in backpacks.

6. GarageFit Heavy Ropes for Exercise Training

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GarageFit Heavy Rope for Exercise Training is a 3-strand thick training rope and is the right fit for performing full-body exercises. The rope features excellent grip strength, all thanks to the shrink caps at the ends that also prevent the rope from unraveling.

This battle rope flaunts a robust construction and is made up of super-strong polyester that repels water.

7. AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Rope

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AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Rope is supple and heavy. It is made of durable polyester blend and features a high tensile strength that protects the rope from breakage or friction.

Whether you are doing undulation, pulling or climbing, this battle rope is an excellent option.

8. NEXPRO Battle Rope Polydac Undulation Rope

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Nexpro Battle Rope Polydac Undulation Rope is a polypropylene and polyester blend rope. It is durable to withstand any level of wear and tear.

Its waterproof sleeve protects the rope from fraying and friction and keeps you injury-free. The ends of the ropes have heat shrink caps that allow you to hold it for a longer duration.

9. GEARDO Battle Rope

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Geardo Battle Rope is made of 100% dacron material, making it perfect for performing heavy-duty team-building exercises. The heat shrink grip is 10 inches long and provides maximum comfort during undulation.

It comes in three different sizes, thus catering to the varied needs of many different levels of fitness enthusiasts.

10. Perantlb Battle Rope with Wear-Resistant Nylon Protective Sleeve

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Perantlb Battle Rope With Wear-Resistant Nylon Protective Sleeve is available in three different lengths and 2 different diameters. This makes this rope the right fit for professional and amateur sports lovers.

The long heat resistant handles provide excellent grip and the sleeve offers double protection. It comes in a sleek black color with a protective nylon sleeve.

How We Ranked

On of the most important factors on our list was having heat-resistant grips that allow you to hold the rope comfortably and work out for a long duration without feeling fatigued or your palms getting chafed. This is a highly important feature since, in many team-building exercises or endurance routines, you keep going back to the rope in short bursts where you put in a lot of effort and generate a lot of friction. All the products in our list, like the Bonnlo Battle Exercise Training Rope and the Nexpro Battle Rope, have excellent heat-resistant grips. 

When it comes to battle ropes, the second most important thing is the strength of the material and the sizes available. The Dacron blends tend to be much stronger than other synthetic blends and have better tensile strength. This means your core has better stability during exercise. The ropes also have extreme resistance to abrasion, so they will not stretch at all. This makes the integrity of the ropes higher as the pulling motion could weaken the bonding of the rope.

Dacron battle ropes also offer much better strength by weight than any other materials like manila. This is the reason that we have included products like Power Guidance Battle Rope, Geardo Battle Rope, and Comie Poly Dacron in this list.

Another important factor to look for in a battle rope is the size variety offered. Most of the battle ropes in this list, like Rep Fitness V2 Battle Rope, offer different versions both in terms of length and thickness. Longer ropes can provide easier movement. However, if you’re tight on space, a shorter rope might make more sense. 


Battle ropes can build muscle mass. By intelligently using battle ropes, you can give your muscles a good workout and build significant upper body muscle mass. This is because it targets 3 main pathways of muscle hypertrophy: metabolic stress, muscle damage and progressive overload.

Muscle damage refers to microscopic muscle tears that occur during training, and are healed during rest (with proper nutrition). Metabolic stress is when the the muscles work almost to failure. It’s the burning feeling you get during an intense workout.

Progressive overload means that you are constantly increasing the amount of stress you are placing on the muscles, so they can adapt and become stronger and thicker. Of all the methods of muscle growth, research consistency shows that progressive overload is the best way to increase muscle growth (1).

Battles ropes provide fast interval workouts. Unless you are spending 4 hours in the gym every day, there is little chance you will make very quick improvements with normal training methods. With a battle rope, you can get a much quicker and efficient workout in the form of high-intensity interval training, or HIIT. The ropes are designed to work your core muscles, thus building stamina, improving cardiovascular health, and helping circulate blood in the body. In fact, research shows that HIIT has various benefits when it comes to your overall health (2). 

Even if you have 15 minutes to work out in a day, you can fit in a great session with the battle ropes and feel like you have put in the effort. It is one of the highest intensity cardio exercises and has become an instant hit with the gym-going crowd (especially in fitness and interval classes or personal training sessions). 

Battle ropes burn fat and calories. High-intensity interval workouts provide results, burning fat long after your workout is over. Research further shows that exercisers burn more fat with interval training than continuous training methods (3).

The battle rope is the perfect combination of weight and cardio that makes you work your muscles and gets your heart rate up. You can burn a minimum of 300 calories per session, depending on the length and intensity. 

Battle ropes might improve your basketball game. In an 8-week study, researchers looked the efficiency and effectiveness of battle ropes in helping college-level basketball players improve their play. Battle ropes were shown to help improve fitness scores and shooting accuracy in college-level basketball players (4).

For cross-training, battle ropes could potentially help you bump up your basketball game through improved upper body strength and coordination.

Battle ropes provide multiple hand grips for exercising. Using mutiple grips helps to develop complete forearm strength, which can help you get stronger in almost all other lifts. A handshake grip, or underhand grip, is where you are holding the rope just like you would if you were shaking another person’s hand.

You can also hold it above your head, with your palms facing down.These multiple handgrip options also allow you to switch your grip if you begin to fatigue with another type of grip.

Battle ropes help you workout intelligently and fight off body fat. Research has shown that after the age of 30, your body naturally loses muscle mass. This means you’re more likely to put on body fat, which could be detrimental to your health in a variety of ways (5, 6). Regular exercise, including some cardio and strength training, can help combat this problem.

Unfortunately, spending hours in the gym doing cardio exercises and weightlifting is not something that everyone can afford. Battle ropes give you the combined benefits of both, combing strength training and cardio at the same time. They can ensure you maintain a healthy and good metabolic rate, as well as an ideal body composition.

Battle ropes work out different muscle groups. Studies show that battle ropes effectively activate different muscle groups in your body. The muscles engaged will depend on whether you are performing an undulating motion, slamming or whipping the ropes, moving from side to side, or trying to increase the range of your motion (7). 

Since most of these muscle groups are not engaged in normal exercise routines, you are training new parts of your body effortlessly.

Battle ropes allow you to train anywhere, any time. If you get tired or bored with the same exercise routine quickly, then the battle rope is your ideal solution. You can carry it anywhere, including taking your workout outside.

Battle ropes help build upper body strength. Battle ropes, undeniably, improve upper body strength, power, coordination, range of motion, and function. They may also contribute to healthy shoulders, which become a point of concern for injury risk – especially in older adults. In a 2013 study, some participants were able to increase their push-up capacity through battle rope training (8).

Battle ropes improve core strength and prevent back injury. By improving core strength, you can effectively prevent back injury – one of the most common problem’s in today’s society (9). In fact, many rehab exercise programs for the back focus on improving the core, which battles ropes may help with (10).

One 2018 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research demonstrated an improvement in core strength after multiple week programs involving battle rope training (11).

Side Effects

Battle ropes can increase your risk of a shoulder injury. Shoulder injuries are common, especially in older adults. When using battle ropes, a wide range of motion is required to create the power and force to move the equipment and gain a solid workout, which can cause strains in the shoulder muscles and ligaments. If you’ve recently experienced a shoulder injury, it is not recommended to use battle ropes until it has fully healed.

If you’re unsure how to use a battle rope, ask a personal trainer or gym personnel to show you where to start. This can ensure you are using it correctly, and it will lower your risk of injury.

Battle ropes may not be suitable for home use. Unless you have a home gym, a battle rope might be too big for smaller homes or apartments. Whenever you are using this tool, you’ll want to make sure you have enough room and space to effectively perform the proper movements.

Battle ropes don’t offer a full workout program on their own. Because battle ropes primarily activate the upper body, it doesn’t offer a complete full body workout. You’ll probably want to add lower body movement into your battle rope workout, unless you are specifically incorporating some sort of leg stimulation during your workout. This may involve intervals where you use the battle rope for one minute, then perform another exercise for your second minute.

Recommended Usage

The recommended usage depends on the practitioner, the goal they want to achieve (muscle gain, cardio, etc.), and the coach who is indoctrinating you with the equipment.

Effective and usual session duration for proficient users with the heavy ropes would be around 15 minutes to half an hour. But it is highly customizable depending on goals and practitioner.


Can battle ropes tone your arms? Yes, battle ropes helps to strengthen and tone your arms by combining resistance training with cardio. The easiest way to do this is by creating wave-like movements with the ropes. You can change it up by making waves longer, shorter, and by increasing the speed and duration. You can also slam the ropes on the ground for a more intense effect.

Do battle ropes burn belly fat? Battle ropes do not directly burn belly fat, but may increase total body fat loss – some of which will come from your midsection. They can also increase cardiovascular fitness which can help burn excess belly fat.

Can you use battle ropes daily? Yes, you can use battle ropes daily, but it’s not recommended. Your body requires a certain amount of recovery time to perform optimally and use battle ropes everyday may hamper the recovery. Using battle ropes everyday can also set you up for unnecessary injury. The most optimal plan would be to use them every other day.

Is a battle rope workout considered a cardio workout? Depending on the speed and intensity, battle rope workouts can be considered a cardio workout. This is because they tend to work the cardiovascular system, the same way a cardio workout would. The only difference is that battle ropes tend to focus on the upper body, where cardio workouts focus on the lower half of the body.

How many calories do battle ropes burn? On average, battle ropes can burn up to 10 calories per minute at intense levels. However, many factors will influence this such as your height, weight, level of physical fitness, and the rope size and weight.

What muscles do battle ropes target? Battle ropes can target almost every muscle of the body. However, they generally work the arms, chest, back and shoulders the most. If you are in a half squat during your session, they will also work your legs to a certain extent.

Who invented battle ropes? Battle ropes were invented by John Brookfield in 2006. He used the ropes to improve his physical conditioning while training in his backyard.

How many battle ropes do I need? You only need a single rope at a time. The rope should be wrapped on a fixed point, so you can hold either end and use it in an undulating motion.

How long should my battle rope be? Longer battle ropes are usually ideal for exercise because the tensile strength allows you to control the rope effectively. If you can withhold the weight and do not have any injuries, you can continue using the rope for minutes on end. In this situation, go for the longest length that you can find. If you think you cannot handle a 50 ft rope, use shorter ropes or lighter ropes that are of the same length as the longer ones, and have a little less diameter.

What should be the diameter of my battle rope? The majority of the ropes on the market are 1.5 inches in diameter. The bigger diameter offers much better resistance, leading to better endurance. The size of the rope will still depend on what kind of physical abilities you have and whether you can handle the workout session. 1.5 inches is perfect for a quick workout in high intensity. However, if you are proficient, then you should use the higher end of the rope(2-inch diameter).

How much space is needed for a battle rope? If you are planning to buy a battle rope, pick a place where you want to fix it. Then, back away from that point as far as you can, until you are obstructed by a wall or furniture. This should serve as a guide for buying the rope.

If my workout space is not very long, can I just use a thicker workout rope? Ideally, yes. You can substitute a longer rope for one that is thicker. However, it will not feel completely fluid. You will still be able to get similar benefits though and get in shape despite the length.

How can I fix the battle rope for a workout? Look for anything that can handle around 75 pounds of weight, like a railing, bench, tree, or light post. Use this object to wrap the rope around for exercise. Also, make sure that the object is not fragile and will not come off easily as undulating or waving the rope will generate some force that can extirpate the fixing point and cause accidents. Always check for hazards before you start your workout to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Is there something that the battle rope should not be attached to? You should avoid sharp edges when you are wrapping the rope. Some of the benches could have sharp sides, and when you wrap the rope around them and pull on it for a long time, it will effectively work as a knife. Even if it does not cut the rope off at the first try itself, it will still cause some structural damage. 

The second thing to avoid is anything that cannot withhold at least 75 pounds of weight. There will be pulling motion, and if you are using something that can’t withhold at least 75lbs of weight, then it can break off.

Can the battle rope I am practicing with get wet? The ropes itself can get wet and become extremely heavy. Other than that, there will be no harm to the rope. 

The main issue will be drying the rope. Since the materials are heavy and dense, it will take a lot of time to dry off. This could lead to fungus or mildew forming on the rope, which is a health hazard. The ropes we have listed above will not get wet because they come with a protective, waterproof covering. If you live in an area where there is a possibility that the rope will get wet, it is better to select one that has waterproof covering.

How can I set up a battle rope for climbing? If you are hanging it from the ceiling, you will need to buy an eye through which you can loop the rope, which can be found in most nearby hardware stores. If you are putting it on any bars, you can simply loop it and pull it down. 

What are some effective ways of using a battle rope? Battle ropes offer a very intense workout session, but they are very easy to start using. The most common type of exercise you can do with the ropes is the wave and slam motion that we see on TV shows and commercials. These motions let your body become much more flexible. Your muscles are extended, and the rope slam will let you build in strength, muscle, and endurance. 

The second type of exercise you can do with the ropes is the common up-down waves. This is slightly more advanced than the wave and slam and offers more resistance for advanced training. You can also do an internal and external circular motion with the ropes, which is known as the grappler toss move.

Another great way to utilize the ropes is to add lunges and squats with them. You can even turn things up a notch by adding advanced and complex movements like jumping squats and lateral hopping. If you are working on HIIT, then you should be adjusting your duration and repetition set to fit the stamina level you are trying to level up to. 

Why are Dacron battle ropes considered the best? The properties of a rope depend on the fiber it is made of and its manufacturing process. The fitness ropes made of Dacron, or mixed polyester and polypropylene fibers, tend to make ropes very durable and soft to touch. This lets you use them for an extended time, and avoid chafing in your palms. They also offer much better strength for the weight of the rope.

Another benefit of Dacron ropes is that they tend to cost less than double-braided nylon ropes. Most of the ropes will also have grip handles tied to the end to provide additional security to your skin while working out. The only issue with Dacron is that they can be too lightweight. So, if you are looking for an extremely tough workout, you could use double-braided nylon or the manila ropes that will be much heavier. 

The Dacron material is also excellent for long-duration use. There could be some fuzzing in the rope after you have used it for a few years, but that is only natural. If you avoid slamming them too hard on the ground, the rope should last you 4-5 years easily.

What should be the ideal length of a battle rope? The usual battle rope lengths start from 25 feet and could go up to 100 feet. The most commonly used size that you will see at a lot of gyms and homes is the 50 ft rope. When you fold it around a point, it becomes a nice 25 ft, which is ideal for any type of exercise that you want to incorporate in the normal routine. 

If you are a highly proficient bodybuilder or looking for extremely hardcore routines, then you can go for 60 to 100 feet. In this case, you should also take into account the diameter of the rope, as an increase in diameter can also make the rope extremely heavy. It’s important to note that 100-foot ropes are usually used for games like tug of war, and not for normal exercise routines.

Can I add knots in the battle rope? Yes, you can add knots to the rope. If you are trying to use the rope for climbing exercises, then the knots can be extremely useful. You can either get the knots added before delivery or add the knots with the help of someone experienced at home. If you are pre-ordering the knots, you can customize it according to your requirements. For children, the knots need to be a little closer-knit than adults.

What kind of material makes a good climbing rope? If you are planning to buy one mainly for climbing, you should think of getting manila ropes instead of the Dacron ones. They are excellent for climbing whether you are doing it indoors or outdoors. However, the material can be a little tougher. Manila ropes also deal with sunlight much better than poly blends if you are putting it outside.

If you want a smoother rope, the blends or the Dacron should be your go-to option. The tradeoff is that a smoother rope will also be slipperier. If you can handle the smoother tension, then you can hook up a Dacron, or poly blend rope for your climbing needs. 

What should be the ideal battle rope length for me if I am hanging it? If you are going to use the rope for climbing, then the basic rule of thumb is to leave at least 4 feet in length extra from where you are hanging it, which allows some of the rope to be on the ground. You could use this extra length if you need to wrap it around when you are climbing to feel more secure. If you are using a spotter, they will also be able to hold the rope in place.

Can a battle rope be used for anything other waves and slams? Battle ropes could be used for rowing motions or even doing pull-ups. The longer ropes that are over 70 feet are also excellent for using in a sled with heavy objects, or for playing a game of tug a war. These ropes are also used in shipyards and, therefore, built with much stronger functions in mind than typical wave and slam. 

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The battle rope is an ancient piece of equipment that has revolutionized workouts in gyms and homes. It is capable of toning core muscle groups and burning fat. It’s particularly useful to add to interval training programs. Since it is available in a range of versions, you can select from the various sizes and diameters of battle ropes, depending on your body goals.

Whether you want to climb, grapple, wave, or squat, a battle rope will change the way your body burns fat. It makes fat-burning easier while also boosting your metabolism rate. The best part is that battle ropes are perfectly safe to use and don’t cause injury unless you are doing something really crazy.

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