Ranking The Best Bathroom Scales Of 2020

Bathroom scales are at-home health analysis devices that primarily help individuals manage and track their weight.

In addition to being able to monitor your weight consistently, most newer bathroom scales also enable you to track your body fat percentage and store all of your data on your smartphone.


1. Yoleo Body Fat Smart Scale

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Yoleo Body Fat Smart Scale is one of the most comprehensive high-quality scales available and can measure muscle mass, bone mass, and even metabolic age. All data can be synced with various health apps, which can help track changes over time.

The scale also has a multi-user setting, allowing an entire family to use it without interfering with each other’s data points. For these reasons, it is our #1 recommendation.

2. REDOVER-Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

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REDOVER Bluetooth bathroom scale is another high-tech machine that’s capable of analyzing more than 12 health indicators including your hydration, basal metabolic rate, and visceral fat. It can accurately record data for up to 24 people and is able to seamlessly sync all the data to multiple health apps including Samsung Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, or Apple Health.

With four highly-accurate sensors spread throughout, this scale can provide highly accurate readings up to 400lbs.

3. Arboleaf Smart Digital Scale

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Arboleaf Smart Digital Scale can transfer your health data to various apps while providing you with trend graphs for each piece of data recorded in it’s own app. This scale is capable of recording 10 different body composition factors including water percentage, metabolic age, and body mass index (BMI).

With four high-precision sensors, this scale is guaranteed provide accurate readings.

4. 1byone Smart Body Fat Scale Body Composition Analyzer

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1byone Smart Body Fat Scale can record up to eight measurements and can automatically synchronize your health data with your Google, Apple, or Fitbit applications on your smartphone. Being able to support an unlimited amount of users makes this scale perfect for the entire family.

This scale comes with automatic turn on/off features to help preserve the scale’s battery life and a bright LED backlight to allow you to better visualize the display.

5. RENPHO Body Fat Scale

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RENPHO Body Fat Scale is capable of analyzing up to 13 body measurements and seamlessly transfer them to whichever health app you prefer. With four electrodes, you can be certain that the accuracy is unparalleled.

What sets this scale apart is the fact that you don’t need the app to record your data, as the scale is capable of synchronizing your data at a later time. Additionally, this scale comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can easily be recharged through the scale’s USB port.

6. Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

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The Etekcity High Precision Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is one of the largest and most durable bathroom scale on this list. At 14” x 12”, this scale can support almost any user and provide you with a larger base for better balance during weigh-ins.

This scale also comes with a massive 4.3-inch display, for easy readings, that will automatically turn on and off according to your usage patterns. Its massive size can support up to 440 pounds, which is around 10% more than most scales.

7. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

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Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale is very simple, offering accurate weight tracking. It comes with an impressively large 3.2-inch display that allows you to easily see your reading.

To extend battery life, it comes with an automatic shut-off feature and the low battery indicator will notify you when it’s time to change your battery.

8. INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale

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INEVIFIT bathroom scale is one of the larger options on this list at 12” x 12”, allowing for more overweight individuals to get an accurate reading. The LCD screen offers an oversized backlit display with an automatic shut off feature to maximize the battery life.

The one downside of this scale is that it’s incompatible with Bluetooth devices.

9. Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale

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Letsfit Digital Body Weight Scale is one most accurate scales that you can buy, capable of measuring your body weight by a tenth of the pound. It’s tracking system will automatically notify you if your weight changes.

This scale also comes with anti-skid padding to prevent the scale from moving beneath your feet as you step onto the scale.

10. Enther Digital Weight Scale

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Enther Digital Weight Scale is a highly accurate digital bathroom scale non-skid pads to keep the scale stable on the bathroom floor as you weigh yourself.

With a 2.9-inch backlit display, you’ll be able to better see your reading. This display will also let you know when the battery is low and also automatically turn the device off when not in use.

How We Ranked

The INEVIFIT bathroom scale made our list for being of large size and provide accurate readings. It ranked near the bottom because it’s incompatible with Bluetooth devices. Etekcity provided the largest scale on our list, being able to manage up to 440lbs of weight, which is 10% more than most scales. Its durability is what ranked it higher than the INEVIFIT

The RENPHO bathroom scale made the top 5 for providing one of the most comprehensive machines on our list – with the ability to analyze up to 13 different body measurements. It also stores data in its own memory, allowing you to sync whenever it is convenient. Arboleaf’s smart scale ranked third for its accuracy, with four high-precision sensors spread out for an even and accurate reading, every time. 

REDOVER’s Bluetooth bathroom scale took second spot for tracking unique markers like hydration, basal metabolic rate, and visceral fat. It’s ability to record, and mange up to 24 people made it perfect for intimate gyms and personal trainers wanting to professionally manage their clients. 

The Yoleo Body Fat Smart Scale stood out for its ability to track muscle mass, bone mass, and even metabolic age. It can also store and manage up to an entire family’s worth of data accurately, making it one of the most robust and trustworthy scales on the market. With effortless syncing across a variety of health apps, its no surprise it took the top spot.


Digital bathroom scales can provide accurate body weight measurements. In a study conducted in 2013, researchers tested several home bathroom scales to determine whether they provided accurate readings each time they were used. All scales in this study were professionally calibrated and used on the same flat surface at a central location. Researchers determined that digital bathroom scales are usually pretty accurate as long as they’re calibrated properly and used on a stable, flat surface (1).

This concept was also tested in a 2005 study that analyzed manual scales that were present in doctor’s offices, health clubs, and weight loss facilities. Researchers came to the conclusion that there was no guarantee that these devices were accurate, specifically as the bodyweight of users increased. Some scales were as much as 6 pounds off when it came to larger users (2).

Bathroom scales can measure heart functioning. Though not the most common feature found in digital bathroom scales, there are a few models that are playing around with the idea of measuring heart functioning.

In a study that was formally released in 2010, researchers analyzed a digital bathroom scale model that also offered the ability to test the heart rate and respiratory rate of users. It was found that this scale was able to provide researchers with health data that even electrocardiograms could not accurately provide (3).

Many scientists are also able to convert typical digital bathroom scales into scales that are capable of performing tasks similar to electrocardiograms. In a 2012 scientific paper, researchers discovered that such a device could provide medical professionals with incredibly accurate heart functioning readings (4).

An additional study from 2017 looked at the accuracy of high-tech bathroom scales that could measure a user’s aortic pulse. The study concluded that these scales could be incredibly at reading the heart’s functioning (5).

Bathroom scales can accurately track various health points. In a 2015 study, researchers attempted to analyze the accuracy of automated scales that could transfer user health data to healthcare professionals without having to attend in-office appointments. Not only were these scales much more convenient, but they were just as accurate as regular digital scales (6).

Other scales are implementing features that measure much more than bodyweight and body fat. A 2018 study focused on the ability of newer scale models to record vital data of users and the use of smartphone applications to store and transfer this data. The ability to record personal health data and keep track of fitness and health goals can be a substantial step to improving fitness (7).

Bathroom scales may help with weight loss. Bathroom scales that provide accurate weight readings can help users lose wight. When weight is constantly tracked, it improves compliance with a diet and exercise program, which can improve weight loss efforts.

Furthermore, the ability to check in daily and see how progress is going, allows you too rapidly shift if you hit a weight loss plateau. Bathroom scales also help provide coaches more data points to create effective weight loss programs for their clients.

Side Effects

Some bathroom scales that measure body composition tend to be inaccurate. Most digital scales on the market today provide fairly accurate body weight readings, but there seems to be a consistent issue when it comes to the accuracy of body fat readings.

In a study from 2008, researchers focused on digital bathroom scales that provided users with bioelectrical impedance analysis. Throughout the study that consisted of 18 participants, scientists ultimately concluded that these digital scales were unable to consistently provide users with accurate body composition analyses (8).

Another study that was officially published in 2015 also looked at whether scales infused with bioelectrical impedance analysis features provide users with accurate body composition data. By the end of the study, scientists determined that these features could be beneficial and demonstrate potential, but accuracy is still lacking a bit (9).

If you’re using a scale that includes body composition analysis, you should take the actual readings. The best and most accurate way to measure body fat is through a DEXA scan. 

Improperly calibrated bathroom scales can skew obesity statistics. In a 2013 study, scientists analyzed bathroom scales and the role that calibration has in providing users with inaccurate data. During the study, researchers ultimately realized that inaccurate devices could be playing a vital role in the spike in obesity and overweight individuals. The primary concern comes with improperly calibrated scales providing users with much higher readings than what is accurate (10). 

Recommended Usage

Generally speaking, anybody who is interested in keeping track of their fitness or health should invest in a high-quality bathroom scale, like the ones found on our list. Not only will this allow you to monitor your weight on a daily or weekly basis, but most bathroom scales now offer body fat readings as well.

To properly use a digital bathroom scale, the first thing you need to ensure is that the scale is balanced on a flat, hard surface. After making sure that the bathroom scale is fully calibrated, you can place both feet on the scale to provide you with a bodyweight reading. If your bathroom scale measures body fat as well as weight, you might receive more accurate results by using the scale while barefoot.

There is no limit to how much or how little you can use your scale. However, it’s recommended that you take readings at the same time, every day, under similar curcumstances (i.e., when you wake up, in shorts, before breakfast). Doing so will allow for the greatest accuracy as the weight can dramatically fluctuate on an hourly basis depending on your sodium levels, how hydrated you are, and when your last meal was.


Which bathroom scales are the most accurate? The most accurate bathroom scales tend to be digital scales. Analog scales, like the ones found at your doctor’s office, require proper, centered-balance to create a precise reading.

Digital bathroom scales, on the other hand, do not require you to stand directly in the center to get an accurate reading. Digital scales also offer a reliable and visual interpretation of your data, whereas analog scales often have a reading that fluctuates between a few pounds depending on your weight distribution and how you are standing. 

What does a bathroom scale measure? The average bathroom scale is capable of measuring the bodyweight of the individual standing on the scale. However, with recent advancements in technology, there are several other pieces of data that scales are capable of measuring, including body fat, CO2 levels, and even the temperature.

Some highly advanced bathroom scales are also capable of analyzing your current heart health as well as determining your approximate body mass index (BMI). 

Are bathroom scales accurate? In general, bathroom scales are fairly accurate but can fluctuate based on a few factors. For maximum accuracy, a flat surface is imperative. Weighing yourself at the same time, every day, under the same circumstances, is also vital to accuracy.

The most accurate way is to weigh yourself naked when you wake up before drinking or eating anything. The battery level is also critical, as low battery levels can cause reading errors. 

Can low battery affect the accuracy of a bathroom scale reading? Low battery levels can definitely impact the performance and accuracy of bathroom scales. 

What should you do if you think your bathroom scale is providing inaccurate readings? If you believe that your scale has recently become inaccurate, the first thing you should do is make sure that the scale is recalibrated. If, after recalibration, you still believe that the readings are inaccurate, your scale’s battery might be the issue.

What is the advantage of digital versus analog weighing scales? Digital scales are much more popular because of the accuracy they provide. Not only do they provide you with an easy to interpret reading, but they also measure your weight as is – not if you are properly centered. 

Digital scales are also much easier to use. Analog scales are unbalanced, cause greater weight fluctuations. Digital scales also provide plenty more features than the average analog scale, including body fat readings, heart rate measurements, and even Bluetooth connectivity to transfer your health data over to your smartphone.

Can bathroom scales measure body fat? Many recent models of digital bathroom scales are equipped with technology that allows them to measure your body fat and bodyweight at the same time. However, there tends to be a discrepancy when it comes to accuracy since the method they use is bioelectrical impedance. Bioelectrical impedance causes a gentle burst of electricity to travel throughout your body, effectively measuring your body’s composition.

Unfortunately, things like when your last meal was, how much salt you’ve had, and even how much water is in your body, all can affect the time it takes for the electricity to travel through your body – skewing the results. As such, bathroom scales may not be the best option for measuring body fat. 

How do you calibrate a bathroom scale? All quality digital scales come with a calibration mode to help you guarantee consistently accurate readings each time you use your scale. The best way to calibrate is to use an item that you know the weight of, such as a dumbbell. Place the weight on the scale, and follow the instructions to complete the calibration. 

How do you know if a scale is accurate? Unfortunately, there is no way to tell if a scale is accurate without comparing it to other scales. The best way to do this would be to weigh yourself on your bathroom scale, then later at the gym or doctor’s office. If the readings are within 5% of each other, it’s safe to say that your scale is accurate.

Another way to tell if the scale is accurate is by weighing an item with a designated value, like a dumbbell. Inaccurate readings can be caused by a variety of factors, including your own hydration levels, what foods you’ve been eating, the clothes you are wearing, the type of floor the scale is on, and the current battery levels. 

How long do bathroom scales last? The length of time that your bathroom scale lasts will depend on the type of battery it requires and how often you use the scale to weigh yourself. If the bathroom scale uses lithium batteries, there’s a possibility that it can last up to a decade.

With alkaline batteries, your scale may only last a few years. By limiting how often you use your scale and making sure to turn it off (if it’s an on/off scale), you can significantly prolong your scale’s lifespan. 

Do bathroom scales provide accurate measurements? In general, bathroom scales can provide accurate weight measurements – especially if its a digital scale. Analog scales tend to be less accurate since they are of older technology. In terms of other measurements, such as body fat, bathroom scales may not be accurate. 

Do bathroom scales effectively measure heart function? Yes, some digital bathroom scales can effectively measure heart functioning. A 2012 study even showed that they could provide incredibly accurate heart functioning readings (11).

How many health points to bathroom scales track? Depending on the make and model, bathroom scales can track up to 13 different health data points. 

Do bathroom scales improve health and fitness? While it’s not proven, the ability to record multiple health data points can certainly increase compliance to a fitness program – ultimately improving the end results. 

Can bathroom scales help with weight loss? Bathroom scales may help with weight loss by helping users track their day to day changes. Furthermore, they can help coaches develop more effective programs based on the changes int eh current program. This helps to avoid weight loss plateaus, speeding up weight loss results. 

Is it important to have a bathroom scale that includes BMI? BMI is a measurement of body fat that uses height and weight to calculate its results. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take into account muscle mass, meaning that a 250 bodybuilder and a 250 couch potato of the same height will have relatively similar BMI’s. BMI is just another data point you can use in your health tracking but is not an important feature to have in bathroom scales.

Why is a bathroom scale a good investment? Bathroom scales are a great way to easily monitor your weight and manage your health in just a few minutes per day.

Should you weigh yourself more than once per week? It’s up for debate, but some dieticians recommend only weighing yourself once a week wince water fluctuations will cause spikes and declines over the week.

When is the best time to use your bathroom scale? The best time to use your scale is in the morning. Weighing yourself in the morning provides the most accurate results as your body has had plenty of time to digest food.

Are gym scales better than home scales? No, gym scales tend to be improperly calibrated, leading to false readings. It’s best to invest in a high quality home scale.

What is the number 1 rule to weighing yourself on a scale? Consistency is the number one rule when it comes to accurately weighing yourself on a scale. That means weighing yourself on the same day, at the same time, wearing the same clothes. The absolute best way to do this is to wake up, pee, then weigh yourself naked.

Do scales track your progress? Some of the higher-quality digital scales can track your progress, automatically syncing all your data to your phone. This allows you to see a visual representation of what is going on with your with and if you need to make any adjustments to your program.

Are scales bad for your mental health? For some populations, such as people who suffer from eating disorders, scales can be bad for their mental health.

If my weight goes up on the scale, is there something wrong with me? Probably not. Weight will fluctuate on a daily basis, depending on how much food you’ve had when you last had a bowel movement and what your exercise levels were. It can also be affected by stress, sitting all day, and drinking a lot of fluids. It’s important to remember that the scale number is not an accurate representation of your overall health. It is simply one data point in a web.

How do weight scales work? Bathroom scales are very easy to use. Simply step on the machine and weight for it to determine your weight. If it’s analyzing other health markers like BMI or body fat, it may take a bit longer. 

What are the best ways to measure body fat without a bathroom scale? There is a myriad of different ways to measure your body fat. The first and simplest way is to use a tape measure, although it rarely tells you what your body fat % is with accuracy. Calipers are used by professionals and work by pinching skin folds to estimate body fat. They are not the most consistently accurate measure of body fat since people tend to pinch different areas during different measurements. 

Hydrodensitometry testing uses buoyancy to determine body fat percentage. While accurate, this test tends to be very expensive, and not many places offer it. Bod Pods are devices that measure your body fat via air displacement plethysmography (ADP). While accurate, it is difficult to use and very hard to find a facility that does testing on the general population. 

Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry or DEXA scans are the gold standard when it comes to body composition analysis. They are quick, painless, and offer the most accurate results. They also help to determine your bone density, which is an important factor to know – especially if you’re an older adult. There are many locations that offer DEXA scans, and a quick google search should find you a place near you. DEXA scans should not be performed by women who are pregnant or who might be pregnant, as the radiation might affect the development of the fetus. 

Are spring-loaded scales accurate? Spring-loaded scales are not as accurate as digital scales, which is why the Centers for Disease Control recommends a digital scale. 

How accurate are public scales in general? Public scales, like those found at the gym or doctor’s office, can be quite inaccurate. A 2017 study set out to determine the accuracy of various scales at child health clinics, and there were differences in accuracy between medically approved and non-medically approved scales. 102 baby scales and 50 flat scales were tested across 27 child health clinics. Researchers found that just 11% of scales were accurate. They also determined that the majority of medically approved scales were significantly more accurate than those scales which were not medically approved (12).

Why does your weight fluctuate on the bathroom scale during the day? Surprisingly, many adults fluctuate about 5 pounds per day, which can cause a lot of issues when weighing yourself. The reason depends on a few factors, including water, sleep, diet, and stress, to name a few. Foods high in salt will cause your body to hold water, which can cause temporary weight gain. Exercise levels will also cause weight to fluctuate as water is lost during exercise.

Certain medications may also cause water and sodium retention, causing temporary weight gain. Some common medications include insulin, lithium, thiazolidinediones, tricyclic antidepressants, beta-adrenergic blockers, and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s).

Your menstrual cycle may also cause temporary weight gain, but it should level out after a few days. Alcohol can also cause weight fluctuations by causing a slow down in digestion, leading to more food being retained. 

The flu or common cold will drastically cause weight fluctuations as well, sometimes as much as 10-15lbs. 

When is the best day of the week to weigh yourself?  Research shows that the most accurate day to measure your weight is a Wednesday. This is because its far enough from the weekend, which tends to include more overeating and alcohol when compared to the week. Friday is said to have the lowest weigh-in days (13).

What is a healthy weight? Unfortunately, body weight measurements are a poor indicator of overall health since people come in all different shapes and sizes. For example, a 5’10 hockey player will not weigh the same as a 6’4 linebacker. Furthermore, what is considered healthy is very situational dependant. It’s better to look at body fat percentages instead. Males falling between 14-17% body fat and women falling between 21-24% are considered healthy. As you age, the numbers will probably be on the higher end, since you tend to lose muscle and bone density. 

Is a waist-to-height ratio a good measurement of health? The waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) is a good predictor of health because a lot of unhealthy and dangerous fast accumulates around the midsection. Calculating your WHtR is simple: take your waist circumference in inches and divide it by your height in inches. Females that have 48% WHtR are considered overweight, with 58% being the tipping point for obesity. In males, 52% WHtR is considered overweight, and more than 63% is considered obese. 

What is a healthy weight by height? When determining a healthy weight by height, BMI is often used. Unfortunately, it’s a poor indicator of health as BMI does not take into account muscle mass. As such, athletes can have similar BMI’s too obese couch potatoes, even though it’s clear only one of them is very unhealthy. The average male height of 5 foot 9 would have a BMI of 170 or less to be considered normal. Females averaging 5 foot 4 should have a BMI of 145 or less to be considered normal. There are many charts available online that you can look at to determine the ideal BMI for your height. 

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Bathroom scales are remarkably useful when it comes to setting and achieving health and fitness goals related to body weight, body fat, and even heart functioning.

Before you decide to purchase a bathroom scale, it’s best to make sure that you’re selecting a high-quality product recognized for its precise measuring.

Newer products even have the ability to sync all your data with your smartphone, making tracking that much easier.

For Fitbug’s #1 bathroom scale recommendation, click here.

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